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  • This is my favourite GUI client for RDP on Linux thus far, and I use it everywhere. The reasons I like it: + it allows me to maintain a list of different configurations + it allows me to use a different rdesktop executable so I can use my wrapper that provides some specific features that it won't allow me to configure (see + it is an Ubuntu package, so easy to install and maintain on my Ubuntu systems Things that bother me: + the UI is quite clunky: + too much clicking is required to create or modify configurations + too much clicking is required to start a session, there is no way to say 'just start whatever I choose to be the default' + it lacks support for many rdesktop options, e.g. drive sharing Things that would be really nice: + support for more rdesktop options, e.g. drive sharing + not having to create session configurations explicitly: instead, just having to configure hostnames, identities, resolutions etc. and then being able to pick any combination as a session + being able to set a default and opt to start the default immediately + a command line client for configuration + a command line client for starting a session based on the configuration + continued development - this appears to be abandonware, but it is really useful!

  • The best RDP client for Linux. My only complaint is that there's no keyword binding in the Ubuntu package, so it's hard to search for it via the launcher in Gnome-Shell, but that's probably more an issue with Ubuntu/Debian specific packaging. The thing that really shines is the excellent key bindings and copy/paste, which "just work". Pressing the "windows" key actually triggers the Windows start menu if you're remoting into a Windows machine, whereas most clients don't send presses for any "special" keys.

  • great app :)

  • usefull tool thx

  • Super fast on my old Pentium III 600 MHz laptop running Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. I wish there was a menu bar on top of the screen like most remote desktop programs though.

  • I agree with linuxninja, bring back the separate Name feature. Also it would be great if you could sort the Session list a few ways (currently you can't sort at all, especially since groups aren't working. It just sorts alphabetically). It would also be helpful to add a separate Name for Identities, since you could have multiple identical usernames with no domain that may have different passwords. These features would be very helpful for people with a lot of servers to connect to and make this the killer admin app!

  • I love this application. It's a great way to connect to a long list of windows machines. Feature request: 1. Show the command line its running. 2. Manually edit the command and of course save the change to the profile.

  • I too like Gnome-RDP a lot. Here are some features that would make it even better: 1) ability to specify an arbitrary string to pass to rdesktop (or other underlying program). This would allow the more obscure options to still be used, without necessarily waiting for somebody to add them to the GUI. Think 32-bit, console mode, experience level, etc. Passed to the underlying process in whatever position is appropriate to override conflicting options (either first or last depending on the underlying program). 2) Something that I run into a lot is that newer RDP servers (Win7, Win2008) no longer support 24-bit mode, but rather support 32-bit with a fallback to 16-bit. But the GUI stops at 24-bits, so I am force to fall back to 16-bits (ugh). 3) Setting the experience level to LAN unlocks some features (like backgound adjustment) that are otherwise disabled. 4) And by reviewing other comments I see that the name field has been removed -- that sounds super bad in an environment where DNS names are unhelpful or not available. Regards -- Charlie

  • Very useful and simple to use. What about implement the capability of "console session" in rdp protocol?

  • From the previous version to this version, we lost the ability to name the server and provide an IP. This version only allows you to enter the IP (or dns name), but without having a separate identifying name. There is now an option to use the Console session for RDP, but still no drive map option. Overall, still the best RDP organizer for Admins under Linux.

  • Great job on implementing separate profiles and identities. This makes managing and storing a large number of connections with the same defaults extremely easy.