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  • I like the functionality and the configurability of it. Unfortunately, the application causes javaw.exe to creep up to hog 12% of CPU. I have all of 2 desktop notes. I find the Java process's CPU hogging unacceptable. Is there a fix or an update that gets past this?

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  • Close source code, license freeware.

  • The license is not GNU GPL! The code is closed and it is forbidden to make changes!

  • This is a very nice little desktop note app except for two things, or maybe it's only one thing. I have to ALT=Tab through all the notes on the desktop to get to the application I'm trying to access. I tried reducing the # of notes, by hiding the reminders. The reminders did not remind. :) I don't know if it is because they are not visible on the desktop or not. If you don't mind the inconvenience at tab, tab, tab, tab, ad infinitum, you should like this little sticky. Me, I am looking elsewhere.

  • Perfectly simple yet complex. Good Job.

  • Having used Zhorne Stickies for about 8 years I was at a loss when my bosses bought me a Mac as it wasn't available on OS X. I searched around until I found Globonote and haven't looked back. I have been using it now for about a month on the Mac after testing it on a PC. I am very impressed with this little app, it does what it says on the tin, reliably and is very easy to use. The pop up reminder facility is very important to me as I need to call people at certain times on certain days, with different colours for different types of call. This works brilliantly and the support has been great considering the programmer doesn't have a Mac (thanks William). The only thing I miss from the Zhorne Stickies is that you could delete stickies and they could be retrieved whenever you searched as you could set it to keep the last however many you wanted. Unlike most of the other notes they don't have to clutter your screen as the are easy to hide or park. I highly recommend this app as I have looked at most of the others and I consider this to be one of the best around for the Mac.

  • Greate project, simple and powerfull :-)

  • Pretty good. Would rate it to top 10 of open source / freeware Note Apps. Recommended.

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  • Doesn't work on Mac. Hmmm. Had high hopes. Installed properly, but after installed, nothing comes up, just a single menu item called "GloboNote" nothing else. Too bad.

  • The developer must be crazy! How can you make such an awesome sticky note program? And it's 100% free? Jam-packed with options for customization? You made my day! I love the hell out of this! Thanks!

  • I don't usually post reviews but when I discovered GloboNote I just had to make a comment. To summarize, it almost feels like the developer hacked my brain and created the ultimate sticky note software that I've been looking for. This application has all the features one could ask for but with a very polished approach. For me, the main strengths are: - Rich Text formatting including links, photos, etc. - Search as you type!!! - Color themes - The built-in calculator and check-box -- WOW! such a super idea - Alarm reminders!!! - Portable So far, the only downside is occasional performance issues and the search sometimes stops working. In both cases, restarting the applications gets up to speed again. The closest competitor would be Pnotes but its search is just horrible and it's not as straight-forward as GloboNote. Keep up the good work and hope to see new updates soon!!!

  • I have tested many note and remainder programs. GloboNote is one of the best from this category. Thanks a lot for it.

  • I liked it. Good running smoothly

  • Been looking for a simple sticky note app that works the way they've always worked since win95 - seems we've gone backward in this area but this is a nice app and so far works great, has a useful feature set without going overboard and making it complicated. Nice job.

  • i use it instead Tomboy - it's faster