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  • Setting up latest versions of OpenGL is so easy now!

  • Probably the best API I've seen. They should teach this API in classrooms.

  • GLFW Is a great library and is very easy to use. They do their best to offer you the features that are suggested the most as well as keeping the library up to date and working good. I am currently using this library in my 2d game engine i am developing. I just hope they add in OpenAL support or at least the ability to make using OpenAL easier.

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  • GLFW is straightforward, complete, fast, and well-documented. GLFW3 has laid to rest all concerns I had about GLFW2, and has introduced a wide range of new features. These features provide the completeness I spoke of: I plan to use GLFW as the window manager of a simple game engine, because it provides such precise (and yet simple) control over windows and their contexts.

  • Excellent piece of software with helpful support and community.

  • Just what I need, simple, easy to use and compile; much better from other bloated libraries.

  • very good project, thanks!

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  • Needs multi-context and Multi-window support, then it is perfect.

  • Probably the best platform abstraction library for games. Gets you a context, provides input, then stays out of the way. Small and light with a good design.

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  • Simple, clean, elegant, lightweight framework to develop OpenGL applications with. Please keep up the fantastic work!

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  • Easy to use, powerful. Nice work.

  • Good and useful software

  • Stable and works.

  • Easy to run glfw

  • nice soft

  • Hi, this is really great, I'm finding it quite clean and spiffy to use, thanks!

  • great software! :)

  • Hi, I like your project! It's easy, simple, lightweight, feels more natural too me than all the GLUT callbacks. Good job, looking forward for 3.0 :)