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This is version 3.0 of GLFW. This release brings a new API with many new features such as multiple windows and contexts, multi-monitor support, EGL and OpenGL ES support, clipboard text support, an error description callback, gamma ramp control, layout-independent keyboard input and UTF-8 for all strings. * Added GLFWmonitor and updated monitor-related functions to take a monitor handle * Added glfwGetMonitors and glfwGetPrimaryMonitor for enumerating available monitors * Added glfwGetMonitorPos, glfwGetMonitorPhysicalSize and glfwGetMonitorName for retrieving monitor properties * Added glfwSetMonitorCallback and GLFWmonitorfun for notification of changes in the set of available monitors * Added GLFWwindow and updated window-related functions and callbacks to take a window handle * Added glfwSetWindowShouldClose and glfwWindowShouldClose for setting and retrieving the window close flag * Added glfwGetWindowPos for retrieving the position of a window * Added glfwDefaultWindowHints for resetting all window hints to their default values * Added glfwMakeContextCurrent for making the context of the specified window current * Added glfwSetErrorCallback, GLFWerrorfun and error type tokens for receiving error notifications * Added glfwSetWindowUserPointer and glfwGetWindowUserPointer for per-window user pointers * Added glfwGetVersionString for determining which code paths were enabled at compile time * Added glfwGetWindowMonitor for querying the monitor, if any, of the specified window * Added glfwGetFramebufferSize and glfwSetFramebufferSizeCallback for receiving the current size, in pixels, of the framebuffer * Added glfwSetWindowPosCallback and GLFWwindowposfun for receiving window position events * Added glfwSetWindowFocusCallback and GLFWwindowfocusfun for receiving window focus events * Added glfwSetWindowIconifyCallback and GLFWwindowiconifyfun for receiving window iconification events * Added glfwGetClipboardString and glfwSetClipboardString for interacting with the system clipboard * Added glfwGetJoystickName for retrieving the name of a joystick * Added glfwGetCurrentContext for retrieving the window whose OpenGL context is current * Added GLFW_SRGB_CAPABLE for requesting sRGB capable framebuffers * Added GLFW_CLIENT_API and its values GLFW_OPENGL_API and GLFW_OPENGL_ES_API for selecting client API * Added GLFW_CONTEXT_ROBUSTNESS and values GLFW_NO_ROBUSTNESS, GLFW_NO_RESET_NOTIFICATION and GLFW_LOSE_CONTEXT_ON_RESET for GL_ARB_robustness support * Added GLFW_OPENGL_REVISION to make up for removal of glfwGetGLVersion * Added GLFW_INCLUDE_GLCOREARB macro for including GL/glcorearb.h instead of GL/gl.h * Added GLFW_INCLUDE_ES1 macro for telling the GLFW header to use GLES/gl.h instead of GL/gl.h * Added GLFW_INCLUDE_ES2 macro for telling the GLFW header to use GLES2/gl2.h instead of GL/gl.h * Added GLFW_INCLUDE_NONE macro for telling the GLFW header to not include any client API header * Added GLFW_VISIBLE window hint and parameter for controlling and polling window visibility * Added GLFW_REPEAT key action for repeated keys * Added scancode parameter to key callback * Added refreshRate member to GLFWvidmode struct * Added key modifier parameter to key and mouse button callbacks * Added windows simple multi-window test program * Added sharing simple OpenGL object sharing test program * Added modes video mode enumeration and setting test program * Added threads simple multi-threaded rendering test program * Added glfw3native.h header and platform-specific functions for explicit access to native display, window and context handles * Added glfwSetGamma, glfwSetGammaRamp and glfwGetGammaRamp functions and GLFWgammaramp type for monitor gamma ramp control * Added window parameter to glfwSwapBuffers * Changed buffer bit depth parameters of glfwOpenWindow to window hints * Changed glfwCreateWindow and glfwSetWindowTitle to use UTF-8 encoded strings * Changed glfwGetProcAddress to return a (generic) function pointer * Changed glfwGetVideoModes to return a dynamic, unlimited number of video modes for the specified monitor * Changed cursor position to double-precision floating-point * Changed default cursor mode for fullscreen to normal * Renamed header directory GL to GLFW * Renamed glfw.h to glfw3.h to avoid conflicts with 2.x series * Renamed glfwOpenWindowHint to glfwWindowHint * Renamed glfwGetWindowParam to glfwGetWindowAttrib * Renamed GLFW_ACTIVE to GLFW_FOCUSED * Renamed GLFW_FSAA_SAMPLES to GLFW_SAMPLES * Renamed GLFW_WINDOW_NO_RESIZE to GLFW_RESIZABLE * Renamed GLFW_BUILD_DLL to _GLFW_BUILD_DLL * Renamed version test to glfwinfo * Renamed GLFW_NO_GLU to GLFW_INCLUDE_GLU and made it disabled by default * Renamed glfwGetJoystickPos to glfwGetJoystickAxes to match glfwGetJoystickButtons * Renamed mouse position functions to cursor position equivalents * Replaced glfwOpenWindow and glfwCloseWindow with glfwCreateWindow and glfwDestroyWindow * Replaced glfwGetDesktopMode width glfwGetVideoMode * Replaced ad hoc build system with CMake * Replaced layout-dependent key codes with single, platform-independent set based on US layout * Replaced mouse wheel interface with two-dimensional, floating point scrolling interface * Replaced glfwEnable and glfwDisable with glfwGetInputMode and glfwSetInputMode * Replaced joystick test with graphical version * Replaced automatic closing of windows with the window close flag * Removed the GLFW_KEY_REPEAT input option * Removed event auto-polling and the GLFW_AUTO_POLL_EVENTS window enable * Removed the Win32 port .def files * Removed the entire threading API * Removed the entire image loading API * Removed deprecated Carbon port * Removed registering glfwTerminate with atexit * Removed glfwSleep function * Removed glfwGetNumberOfProcessors function * Removed glfwGetGLVersion function * Removed GLFW_OPENED window parameter * Removed GLFW_WINDOW and GLFW_FULLSCREEN * Removed nonsensical key actions for Unicode character input * Removed GLFWCALL and GLFWAPIENTRY macros for stdcall calling convention * Removed GLFW_ACCELERATED window parameter * Removed default framebuffer attributes from glfwGetWindowParam * Bugfix: The default OpenGL version in the glfwinfo test was set to 1.1 * Bugfix: The OpenGL profile and forward-compatibility window parameters were not saved after context creation * Bugfix: The FSAA test did not check for the availability of GL_ARB_multisample * Bugfix: Cursor centering upon leaving captured cursor mode was reported before the mode was changed to non-captured * [Cocoa] Added support for OpenGL 3.2 core profile in 10.7 Lion and above * [Cocoa] Added support for high-DPI (Retina) monitors * [Cocoa] Added support for joysticks * [Cocoa] Postponed menu creation to first window creation * [Cocoa] Replaced NSDate time source with mach_absolute_time * [Cocoa] Replaced all deprecated CoreGraphics calls with non-deprecated counterparts * [Cocoa] Bugfix: The NSOpenGLPFAFullScreen pixel format attribute caused creation to fail on some machines * [Cocoa] Bugfix: glfwCreateWindow did not properly enforce the forward-compatible and context profile hints * [Cocoa] Bugfix: The loop condition for saving video modes used the wrong index variable * [Cocoa] Bugfix: The OpenGL framework was not retrieved, making glfwGetProcAddress crash * [Cocoa] Bugfix: glfwInit changed the current directory for unbundled executables * [Cocoa] Bugfix: The GLFW_WINDOW_NO_RESIZE window parameter was always zero * [Cocoa] Bugfix: The cursor position incorrectly rounded during conversion * [Cocoa] Bugfix: Cursor positioning led to nonsensical results for fullscreen windows * [Cocoa] Bugfix: The GLFW window was flagged as restorable * [X11] Added support for the GLX_EXT_swap_control and GLX_MESA_swap_control extensions as alternatives to GLX_SGI_swap_control * [X11] Added the POSIX CLOCK_MONOTONIC time source as the preferred method * [X11] Added dependency on libm, where present * [X11] Added support for the _NET_WM_NAME and _NET_WM_ICON_NAME EWMH window properties * [X11] Made client-side RandR and Xf86VidMode extensions required * [X11] Bugfix: Some window properties required by the ICCCM were not set * [X11] Bugfix: Calling glXCreateContextAttribsARB with an unavailable OpenGL version caused the application to terminate with a BadMatch Xlib error * [X11] Bugfix: A synchronization point necessary for jitter-free locked cursor mode was incorrectly removed * [X11] Bugfix: The window size hints were not updated when calling glfwSetWindowSize on a non-resizable window * [Win32] Added support for high-DPI monitors * [Win32] Changed port to use Unicode mode only * [Win32] Removed explicit support for versions of Windows older than Windows XP * [Win32] Bugfix: Window activation and iconification did not work as expected * [Win32] Bugfix: Software rasterizer pixel formats were not discarded by the WGL_ARB_pixel_format code path * [Win32] Bugfix: The array for WGL context attributes was too small and could overflow * [Win32] Bugfix: Alt+F4 hot key was not translated into WM_CLOSE * [Win32] Bugfix: The GLFW_WINDOW_NO_RESIZE window parameter was always zero * [Win32] Bugfix: A test was missing for whether all available pixel formats had been disqualified
Source: README.txt, updated 2013-06-12

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