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giPlayer PLEASE NOTE: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS PROGRAM WILL NOT FIND PROGRAMMES OLDER THAN 7 DAYS The BBC have taken down the feeds that get_iplayer (which giPlayer uses) once used to find television and radio programmes. Now get_iplayer can only find programmes from the last 7 days, which means the search in giPlayer is limited to this also. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROGRAMME ID SUPPORT You can however browse the iPlayer website as normal as though you'll watch a programme (whether it's older than 7 days or not), get the Programme ID (PID) or URL from your browsers location bar, and provide it to giPlayer so it'll download it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BROWSER SUPPORT giPlayer now supports Firefox and Chromium. This means you can browse on BBC iPlayer in Firefox or Chromium, click a toolbar button on the BBC programme page. This will execute giPlayer with the PID of the programme in the text box. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- giPlayer is a very simple python gtk gui to download BBC programmes on the Linux OS. With a deb file it should work on all debian based versions of Linux including Ubuntu. There is no help but it is fairly straightforward to use. It is a wrapper for get_iplayer. If you wish to understand in more detail how it downloads programmes you can read the command line program get_iplayer help file. Installing on Ubuntu/Mint/Debian: We recommend you get the latest version of get_iplayer from their PPA using the instructions from their official get_iplayer Wiki... Your distributions graphical package management tool should install giPlayer.deb by just opening it, but you can also do this from the terminal... 1) Open a terminal 2) Download giPlayer.deb (to you Downloads directory for example) 3) Install giPlayer from terminal: cd Downloads sudo dpkg -i giPlayer.deb Installation Problems: If you have installation problems with dependencies, perform a software update and try fixing any broken packages with: sudo apt-get install -f Then try the install again. Optional Packages: With older distros, you may still need to install ffmpeg for tv/radio downloads to complete: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg Versions: 0.51 Bug fix. Now uses get_iplayer to decide if tv or radio PID. 0.50 Redesign of UI. Separating PID download from search. 0.45 Bug fixes to mp3 and flv. Simplify UI buttons. 0.44 Chromium browser support. 0.43 Bug fixes for broken tv, radio and radio pid not displaying progress percentage. Added ability to give pid or url as command line argument, and place into text box. 0.42 Added ability to download via Programme ID (PID) 0.41 Changed percentage count to main window Title. 0.4 Added percentage count to Progress Dialog Title. Fixed broken dependency in Mint 17 and Ubuntu 14.04. Added libav-tools as a dependency. 0.31b Fixed broken dependency in Ubuntu 10.10. 0.3b Added subtitles option. 0.2b Fixed bug that prevented giPlayer executing if no .get_iplayer folder existed. 0.1b Original.
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