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  • I wouldn't go anywhere without GIMP installed and accessible. Brilliant. The transition to native OS/X was a little bumpy, but it works very very well now.

  • Gimponosx works perfectly.

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  • Gimp is an incredibly GOOD program for anyone who is serious about photography and graphic design. I must say that those giving a negative review are missing the point. The point is that it is Free Software. I am defining "Free Software" as how the Free Software Foundation defines it which is the group that created Free Software. You are able to freely, study, modify, and distribute anything about the program. If you find a feature you want, you can write that feature. Since this is a program that is widely used and Free Software, if they added every feature people wrote for it, they would be making several updates daily and the file size would be HUGE. They only release a the stock version which is small. That makes it easier to distribute. I admit that The Gimp isn't the most user-friendly program and the documentation is written by programmers. Those not familiar with the GNU style documentation would find it hard to understand. However, there are TONS of YouTube videos showing you how to do anything you want to do in the program. Just do a YouTube search for "The gimp" and add to the search bar what you want to do with it.

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  • It works. It supports pretty much everything you can think of. It doesn't crash in the hands of a casual user. It supports almost any application you need! Really useful!

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  • Amazing project, thanks for giving out

  • I am happy to learn that Gimp will now run natively on OS X !! I tried it and it works fine and fast too on my MAC OSX version 10.7.5. I downloaded the dmg specific to this version of OS X. Thanks again for make an awesome product even better.

  • Thanks for support all Mac OS X system, such as - Tiger, Leopard and SnowLeoard, Lion and Mountain Lion systems (i tested in all system - works perfectly!)

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  • Starting in OS X Lion, only applications from the App Store open easily by clicking. In terminal, type "open -a /Applications/". Thanks for a great product!

  • Congratulations to the new build with all the improvements, thank you Simone However, at least plugin (gmic_gimp) could be actual.

  • Excellent distribution. But GIMP does not support Retina displays at all; text and graphics appears jagged and ugly, and pictures are not displayed well on these displays. This is not fault of the OS X maintainer, I guess; but GIMP should be ported to Mac better than what is currently.

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  • Nice nice! But I ***hate*** 'you-can-saveas-png---only-can-export-to-it' new feature. I can 'Save As' to PNG in previous versions.

  • This version is updated . I like it.

  • Awesome finder's program. The default search features at Windows 7 is very bad. Don't trying search in content of files. This app - is awesome.

  • Easy to learn and use interface.

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  • Real good! The best for free!

  • deseo bajar gimponosx gratis

  • Cool software!

  • Wonderful project.

  • Nice program, very practical. But can't get the program to launch.

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  • Great work! Have been using the OS X version of Gimp for some time and they have always been reliable, and now there are native OS X versions - am now using 2.8.2 @alchymylab and no issues so far. Many thanks.

  • vey funny logo of the project. Good!

  • Awesome product, thanks for sharing!

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  • Perfect open source project! 10x!

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  • I have only two words: reliable & good!

  • Sorry, but it is just not launching, tried everything. I am running OS X 10.8.1 with enough internal and external memory on an iMac 27".

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