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  • Awesome work with this special, tailor made version of GIMP for OSX. I spent days trying to get some plugins working with the version supplied by, but this tailor made version has plugins and themes ready to go. Even shortcut keys are ready for OSX. Awesome!!

  • Amazing open source image processing tool.

  • I am totally happy with this software!!!

  • crashes like mad but still really good program

  • Зависает при создании пустого изображения. Интерфейс неудобный. Вроде бы все инструменты есть, но как быстро уменьшить размер выделенного куска на картинке. Тормозит все, что MBP, что версия под винду на компе с i7.

  • Excellent.

  • Nothing like the version I used on LINUX UBUNTU operating system earlier (18 months ago). In no way even resembles the screen shots from web page. No toolbars displayed and airbrush tool permanently enabled. Also Layers function does not work as the tutorials suggest. Awfully glad I did not donate until I tried it out. Absolute rubbish or something seriously amiss with system compatibility. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

  • Not only does this project make installing GIMP on OS X easy, but I want to defend GIMP against the critics. My credentials: 40 years of experience in computer programming, 30 of them in image processing research (starting on an IBM 7094). GIMP does not work like Photoshop (an excellent program). But it works, and works very well. Do you have to learn new ways of doing things to use GIMP effectively? Tough. I don't feel sorry for you. GIMP will do MORE than most users of image processing software need. And the price is right.

  • This is an excellent and reliable port of GIMP to OSX. Thank you so much for your efforts in porting this and maintaining it so conscientiously on a continuing basis! I'm giving your port 5 stars, although GIMP itself would get only 4 stars for "ease of use". My reason for this is that installing your port is extremely easy, so in this context I interpret the "ease" category relating to the port and packaging and not to the application itself. With regard to the reviews criticizing GIMP for not being easy to use, I think those people are expecting it to work like Photoshop or other applications. GIMP has its own interface paradigm, as do other complex programs like Blender, and you have to learn *GIMP* as it was meant to work. It's not fair to expect one program to work just like another, unless the second program specifically claims to do that. GIMP's developers never claimed it was a drop-in clone of Photoshop or any other commercial application. It's a powerful graphics tool that is available for free on multiple platforms.

  • This is so much nicer now it is in native format and not running under X. Thank you for all your efforts in porting this over. While the interface is a little unusual if you come from a Photoshop background I think it is well worth learning the shortcuts as this is a very powerful tool. I don't think it is a replacement for Photoshop for me yet though but each release is getting there.

  • This SUCKS. Plus it is very hard to use. I have a mac and I looked on the screen shots of a PC and it is WAY different. I can't even change my font.

  • Opaque, anti-intuitive, complex, user-hostile. Obviously it will do lots of things. The problem is figuring out how to make it do them. Nothing works as you expect. Example: click the airbrush tool, set the color in the dialogue box, try to use the airbrush, and it DOES NOTHING. It goes from frustrating to maddening to infuriating. I wish I could still use the ColorIt program that came with my first iMac in 1999. It didn't have as many features, but at least I could figure out how to work the features it did have.

  • Thanks developers! I just needed to resize a jpg: The Gimp saves the day. Should be pre-installed with every installation of Windows, Mac, and Linux - I know it is on mine. Thanks very, very much. Nice to have a great tool available everywhere.

  • Gimp on OSX is pretty good. Not as current as the Windows version, but it still gets the job done. The UI needs work, Single Window mode should be default on all systems, but other than that everything is there. To those Photoshop who can't figure out how to export as a jpg, pdf, it's in File -> Export. Next time look a little closer. If you're used to Photoshop, GIMP's tool placement might throw you off, but it's easy to get used to.

  • Note: version 2.8.14p2 is pretty much unusable, it crashes about 50% of the time when opening an image (this includes effects that spawn new image windows), and it also sometimes crashes while trying to save. Use 2.8.14p1 instead. As far as free bitmap-based graphics editors go, GIMP is probably the best. It has some very powerful tools that are not even available in other programs. The main problem however is the user interface, which has always been somewhat backwards compared to every other graphics editor. It has not improved in the 2.8 release, maybe even to the contrary. Working with GIMP often gives me a feeling of having to take everything out of my toolbox just to reach that single wrench I need. For operations that take a single click in Photoshop, I have to click three times and press a key. The right window must be in focus and the editor must be in the right mode, otherwise operations either have no effect or do something unexpected. To make things worse, the current version of OS X Gimp has a few bugs in the toolbox interface that cause the tools to randomly switch to other modes. This happens quite often, and is only noticed when the tools do not behave as expected, because the only visual indication is a highlight change on a small icon. My verdict: if you don't mind wrestling a pig from time to time, GIMP is a great free alternative to expensive editors.

  • I understand the GIMP is created by volunteers with the best of all possible motives. Still, even taking this into account, GIMP has the worst user interface ever conceived by Man. For all its undoubted technical prowess, GIMP is rendered almost totally useless by a user interface so completely counter-intuitive as to be ... stupid. Nothing works as you expect it to. Nothing works the way you NEED it to. Would I recommend GIMP as an alternative to Photoshop? No, I wouldn't. If the choices are scraping up the money for Photoshop some way or relying on GIMP, steal a copy of Photoshop. GIMP is, as nearly as I can tell, completely useless, not because it doesn't work, but because its interface and controls are so opaque and impenetrable as to be ... utterly broken.

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  • Gimp 2.8.2 is great But I have tried four times to launch the 2.8.6p1 here and nothing but Gimp crash before launch, does any one have the answer?

  • This version, 2.8.6p1, seems a bit faster than the previous OS X-native version of Gimp I've tried, 2.8.4 I'm fairly excited about the OS X-native Gimp project and will keep trying the updates..this is is an application I feel *everyone* who does any level of image manipulation on Mac should use and be interested in.

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  • Hello, can't download gimp on mac os x version 10.6.8

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  • Thanks for updates ;)

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  • GIMP for OS X works perfectly for me. Excellent work!

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  • Gimponosx works excellent.

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  • Thanks for so usefull software.

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  • Hi I am using a MacBook Pro ver 10.8 and the version of is GIMP 2.8.4. I am in the process of downloading the latest version GIMP 2.8.4p2-MountainLion I am having problems saving my files to formats like TIFF & JPG. It is only saving the file in its native format. Can RAW files be opened/edited with this program. I am using Canon 5D Mark 2 (.CR2) Appreciate advise feedback. Regards

  • I would not download this. Tho people are saying you can't complain because it's free, is not not. Free isn't always good. As an avid Photoshop user and photographer, this is worthless in my eyes. The people saying this is a must for any photographer out there is a stay at home mom with a hobby and no training. The reason not to use it, its super slow. you can't even save a photo as a jpg, let alone tif, eps. . resizing an image doesn't work how it should doing the whole photo, it just does either length or not see any interface easier than photoshop. and this is all with in trying to use it in 5 minutes....thanks, but no thanks.

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