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  • one of the best linux printing project. thanks a lot

  • The print freezes / stalls after one job on Mac OS-X Yosemite using HP LaserJet 6MP. I need to unplug USB of printer from computer / plug back in / go to HP Printer Queue and hit "Start". If that doesn't work I have to restart the computer. All was fine until 5.2.11 / 5.2.12 is no better.

  • i have been trying to get help on my mitsu printer for a month with no replies. who do I have to throw money at to get help?

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can use my barely used printer again. Just in time to print my boarding passes :)

  • Thank you so much for adding Canon bubble jet printers to Gutenprint. I upgraded the OS on my laptop to El Capitan, and then found I couldn't print on my Canon Pixma ip4000 or my ip1000. Canon doesn't make El Capitan drivers for either one. I like having 10.7 on my iMac, and wanted to leave it that way, since I don't use it to access the internet. So I had visions of having to buy a newer printer dedicated to my laptop. Thankfully, somewhere in the back of my head I remembered "gimp driver", did a Google search, and installed the latest Gutenprint with no problems. Now I can use the same single printer for either OS! And I am looking forward to finally being able to put it on a network.

  • Thank-you, Team Gutenprint. My Olympus P-10 dye-sub printer was gathering dust for years ... until today. As I know well, Olympus dropped support for it years ago. The Gutenprint Olympus P-10 printer driver for Mac OS X El Capitan worked like a charm. To my surprise and relief, the printer still worked. Print cartridge OK. Paper OK. I was able to print a batch of photos to the 6"x4" photo paper. Only two small quirks with the printer driver UI : (1) It did not auto-select 6"x4" paper, the only size of paper available. (2) It did not retain the previous paper size selection, hence had to select 6"x4" paper for every print job. Otherwise, great work supporting an old printer, which I can now operate until I run out of supplies. Thanks, Tim

  • Saved my neck. Big time. Straightforward application to help you cope with drivers quirks and tweaks nowadays. It helped me recover my old, reliable Epson printer (physically attached to my Windows 7 PC) for use with OSX El Capitan. Excellent piece of software!

  • Thanks guys. With Apple's new El Capitan (10.11) my trusted Canon Pixma IP6700D is no longer supported even though Apple drivers are available for Yosemite. Thanks to your driver set am at least able to get basic printing done. As noted by others, ink levels are no longer reported. Does this involve major coding to have the printer communicate the info?

  • Hiya, any updates for OSX 10.10.3 Yosmite?

  • Hi, i use printing apps for android (they've mentioned your drivers). And all of them have same issue. Drivers for Epson M105 Series printers are old or wrong... When i print anypage, it prints (only) strange characters and printing continues until i turn the printer off... Please update driver for epson m105 series printer...

  • I was worried I'd have to replace my still-working-well Canon Pixma iP4000 when I got a new Mac since Canon no longer had drivers. And then found a link to your drivers in a MacRumors forum from some time ago. Voila, my printer has more printing to do! The driver is bare bones - I can't access supply levels or maintenance utilities or change any parameters, but I also still have my old iBook running Tiger and can do tasks like head cleaning and checking ink levels from that machine.... So while I rated Features "Good," that's misleading. The only feature that REALLY matters is printing well - and it seems to work flawlessly on several types of docs I've tried.

  • 5.2.9 does not work with my Canon S820. Printer prints too wide and colors are awful. This used to work, I'll have to go try an older one.

  • This driver solved my problem with OSX Mavericks. My 20 year old HP 4P LaserJet has no drivers from HP or Apple. Works now!

  • Many thanks for my great canon IP 5000 under Maveriks

  • Very good Software.

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  • Very good Software.

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  • Perfect open source project!

  • Such quality! I'm liking it, thanks! Usefull and simple tool - must have ;)

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