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  • I find gImage Reader a practical and stable frontend to Tesseract OCR.Spell checking and editing text works fine for normal purposes where Tesseract OCR nowadays is very accurate.Unusual fonts as Fraktur (in heads of many longstanding newspapers) is supported and the Tesseract engine will (with effort) train any uncommon typography.The gImage frontend is stable and uncomplicated to work with when set up, and the only improvement I can think of is a way to easily close the sources pane for maximizing the head pane when reviewing and editing recognised text.A very useful program, thank you. Edit: glad to find a toggle option for the suggested improvement already exist (I'm slightly visionary impaired).The Tesseract Fraktur "language" I work with is fine but not programmed to trigger the spell checker and the output therefore interpreted with spelling errors / understrikes.This small problem (unrelated to gImageReader) could be solved by a spell checker on/off switch.Thank you again.

  • This is a great tool to do a proof of concept using tesseract.

  • Great tool, saved me from professional disaster, thank you!

  • tested on MS Windows versión, very nice, free and funtional

  • En la version anterior habían problemas, pero el soporte de Sandro fue genial!!! Me ayudó en cada momento, de manera rápida y precisa. Lo instalé en OpenSuse 13.1 y funciona de 10!!! Lo recomiendo, en linux, el mejor programa de este tipo (OCR) que me ha funcionado!

  • This is a wonderful piece of software that gets OCR right!

  • Great software, thank you.

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  • A great tool that work very fine, the most characters are recognized, facility the job!

  • Thank you very good image editor.

  • very good program gimagereader.

  • gimagereader works perfectly.

  • A very good framework, does what I was looking for. Was going to invent it myself, but stumbled across this and looked no further. Could be polished a little further to minimize the number of drags and clicks required; I've logged corresponding feature requests. I am willing to make the relevant changes myself.

  • Good tool for everyone!

  • I like this project

  • Terrific software: I just upgraded to Tesseract 3.0, and was having trouble with it: it was dividing my image into columns for some reason, making a mess of the text output. I couldn't find any command-line switches to control columns. With gimageReader, the OCR just comes out right -- a single column in this case. Still don't know what switches to use, but just now I don't care -- saved my project! Thank you, Sandro. Installation on Ubuntu was a snap: downloaded gimagereader_0.9-1_all.deb and chose Open with Ubuntu Software Center. In the Software Center clicked Install, and I was done. The GUI is straightforward and efficient.

  • congrats-g for good? where is command line option for batch processing?

  • Excellent! Worked 'out of the box' with debian with a large pdf document. The ability to process page ranges is very convenient.

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  • A GUI for ocr in Linux .. How Nice!

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  • Great, simple & functioning application, well done. Of course more features would be cool (format recognition & export in .odf) but congrats for your achievement! Keep it up Ps a PPA on ubuntu might speed up adoption..

  • This is the only function I still have had to use windows for ... Yippee!

  • add the thing that tesseract OCR miss: versatility

  • Works well. I case you do not know where your dictionary data resides, try /usr/share/tesseract-ocr/tessdata/