All other C# Ghostscript wrappers that you can find on the internet does not allow you to progressively render PDF page directly to the screen without exporting the page to the disk first. This wrapper does not require exporting to the disk, it can render tiles progressively from the Ghostscript interpreter. Please go to for development files.


  • Has GhostscriptViewer class which allows you to easily render and navigate through PDF or PostScript files on the screen via code. Multi-page PostScript files are supported also.
  • It contains GhostscriptRasterizer class which provides ability to easily export PDF pages, PostScript pages and EPS files to the System.Drawing.Image object in the memory.
  • Contains GhostscriptProcessor class which allows you to call Ghostscript library (dll) with custom specified arguments.
  • All Ghostscript functions which provides ability to rasterize / render postscript or pdf directly to the screen without a need to save it to the disk first are implemented.
  • Contains Progressive display update implementation. Now while Ghostscript is drawing / rasterizing you can see tiles drawing on the screen. Custom update interval can be set in the GhostscriptViewer class.
  • GhostscriptViewer has Zoom-in and Zoom-out functionality.
  • Allows multiple instances of the Ghostscript library (dll) running at a same time in a single process (Ghostscript does not support this by it'self so we had to find some workaround). Anyway, this is achieved by using Microsoft.WinAny.Helper library and it's DynamicNativeLibrary class which allows you to load a native library from the memory instead from a disk. By doing this (loading from the memory), all Ghostscript instances are running in their own context.
  • It's completely compatible and tested with 32-bit and 64-bit Ghostscript library.

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