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An user friendly grammar tool for natural language processing tasks

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Full documentation with tutorials is included in the download package. Graphical Grammar Studio is a tool for applying grammars which behave as words acceptors/consumers and annotators. GGS grammars can be used to find and annotate sequences of words which respect certain conditions, in a given input. Its purpose is for creating NLP tools like phrase chunkers, named entity finders, pronoun co-reference solvers etc. A grammar is represented by a state machine which can be visualized, edited and applied. A grammar is organized in graphs of nodes. Nodes are used for consuming words from the input, for executing jumps to other graphs in the grammar or for creating annotations etc.
GGS has a unique feature: It allows the user to write JavaScript code to be executed for nodes of the grammar. This is useful for checking grammatical agreements but not only. The user can: declare variables (including complex js structures), check for boolean conditions, use variables in annotations etc.

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  • Find and annotate sequences of tokens
  • Edit and apply grammars with ease
  • Establish path priority policy at node level
  • Lookahead and lookbehind assertions
  • Run javascript code where necessary
  • Declare local or global variables (including complex structures)
  • Available java API
  • Use from command line


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