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  • I use GetID3() in my open source software and it works like a charm. I had a small issue with a particular server configuration and the developer replied in a few hours and fixed the problem. Great job!

  • Getid3 is good! Thanks.

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  • Nice, thank you

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Good and useful software

  • The are only a couple of genuine reviews on this page. The rest appear to be automated garbage, unfortunately. Here's the "straight-dope", as it were. This is solid software. We use it at . It's been reliable over the years and the developers are responsive to issues. To quote a previous commenter, Tn77 (probably a "bot"): "Seems like some horrific code. No documentation, examples are poor, difficult to figure out basic tasks." I disagree. The library code is pretty well written. I can't speak for the documentation (I haven't needed it), but the provided Demo code is quite thorough and demonstrates far more in the way of functionality than the average user will ever care to know. The software reads/parses an ever-growing list of file formats. We use getID3 to parse/read (and tag) MP3 and FLAC files and it has always worked well for this purpose.

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  • has always given me the power of choice, not to mention superb results.

  • always reliable. One of the first utilities I load on every new PC.

  • This is the way software is supposed to be!

  • very very effective application to use.

  • Really powerful and practical software.

  • Great job! Light weight and fast to boot.

  • I admire this program

  • Good work:)

  • Good Soft! Thank.

  • Best!

  • An excellent example of lean, straight-forward open-source software.

  • one of the better projects on Source Forge. Response developer. Timely updates. Does what it claims to do.

  • very good project

  • cool file scanner for media files, much more than #>file <file> do.

  • I like this a lot, useful for all my coding projects where I need file info.