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GeomSpace-0.4-freebsd32.tar.gz 2010-07-08 298.5 kB
GeomSpace-0.4-freebsd64.tar.gz 2010-07-08 311.3 kB 2010-07-08 663.7 kB
GeomSpace-0.4-linux32.tar.gz 2010-07-08 296.5 kB
GeomSpace-0.4-linux64.tar.gz 2010-07-08 308.7 kB
GeomSpace-0.4-src.tar.gz 2010-07-08 244.4 kB
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GeomSpace Project Structure: - Models folder Contains several .gmsp models. If you are new to GeomSpace, download some of them along with GeomSpace program to see what is it all about. - Theory folder Contains theoretic background of the project (in English, Russian and Romanian). Must read for permanent GeomSpace users. - #.# folders Contain GeomSpace releases. As greater are numbers, as newer is release. Each release is packed in the form GeomSpace-#.#-<platform> archive containing the program and User Manual. The src platform contains GeomSpace sources along with User Manual and Developer Manual.
Source: README, updated 2011-07-21