Checks for new Nvidia Geforce Display Drivers then does an automated unattended install, or with many more options. You can silent install, and only just install the basics, no bloat! Instantly check to see if you have latest driver offering.


  • Requires CYGWIN
  • No configuration needed to run, simply bash/sh/dash/ash
  • Currently supports: Windows 7 x64, Server 2008 r2, Windows 8/8.1 x64, (Server 2012 Untested)
  • Works with Desktop and Notebook Graphics adapters
  • Can be called from anywhere (supports alias/symlinks/shortcuts)
  • Compares your current version with latest available from Nvidias website
  • Downloads latest version if installed version is older
  • Supports the international driver package version when [-i] is invoked
  • User interaction required before download/install procedure
  • Go fully unattended with the [-s] silent install option or [-y] yes-to-all
  • Option to Force-Reinstall latest version will verify integrity of downloaded archive and re-install
  • Default config will only install Display Driver, HD-Audio, and PshyX (customize in config.conf)
  • Specify default configuration options in config.conf
  • Displays Nvidia installation progress box
  • Only check if a new version is available with [-C]
  • Runs driver setup with all driver packages when [-A] is invoked activate attended install
  • Includes 64-Bit 7za.exe binary for NVIDIA archive extractiona and verification

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