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  • Despite the existence of geeqie, I still use the old good gqview with my own patches. The reason for this is that geeqie development is poor: it is not even possible to submit a bug report (you need to be "authorized" to do so), and old bugs still remain. In fact, a long time ago I submitted a very serious bug, and it is still not fixed: if you have a folder with many images and try to open only one, geeqie takes forever to open ("forever" depends on the number of files in the folder). The reason for this is that geeqie makes an ordered list of the files of the folder, without purpose (gqview has the same bug). My patch for this is to generate the file list ONLY if the folder panel is visible. A trivial and logical 1-line patch, yet never implemented. It's a pity that geeqie is not evolving, it is a great program.

  • Very, very fast, exactly what a raw viewer should be. Thank you!

  • I was always fan of gqview as a no-nonsense yet not dumbed down image viewer and geeqie continues well in this direction.

  • in Geeqie 1.1 (installed on ubuntu 14.04) it is only possible to complete the metadata and not to correct or rewrite, as was possible in version 1.0.

  • This was already one of the best image viewers when it was still gqview. Now, as geeqie, it is progressing very well. I love the feature that my camera's corresponding RAW and JPEG files are treated "as one" (in a group, but can be touched seperately). - And there is this other extremely useful feature: you can search whole directory trees for duplicate images and similar images and even compare two directory trees for doublettes. I miss only two features: 1. adding a keyword to all files currently selected in the images list (would improve the speed of categorizing new photos immensely!) 2. rating images (plus being able to filter by rating). Currently I "simulate" that feature by having keywords for bad, good, very good, excellent, but it's a clumsy workaround. Thank you for all your good work! Keep it up!

  • Add a 'filter filenames' (just helpful, there is in all applications), and do what you want with the 'Marks options' (clumsy).

  • Finally a good photo management software that is fast and intuitive! I'm only missing a few features like importing from camera and rating images, but the speed compensates for that!

  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • Another half baked, abandoned Linux application. Stupid thing is starting in root folder every time and no way to set a startup folder.

  • Reliable and stable, thanks geeqie

  • Really easy to use.

  • Awesome app, thanks for sharing!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Wonderful project! Thanks for amazing work!

  • Not only fast but very nice working printing feature.

  • The best!

  • Thank you!

  • Geeqie is pretty much my favorite image viewer. Even though it's maybe a bit more "heavy-weight" than some others, it's very fast, very flexible (it allows a lot of configuration to make its behavior in various non-default circumstances exactly how one likes), and has great image quality even when scaling (and allows you to choose the scaling filter for those times when you intentionally want only "nearest" filtering, for instance). I like the fact that it is oriented more around viewing directories of images, and does a great job of it, but also allows you to hide all the directory-related UI grot and just focus on the current image I love the fact that it handles partially-written image files without complaint (some image viewers just fall over and die), and will automatically re-read an image that has changed, without messing up the current view even if one has zoomed and panned in the partial image! In general, Geeqie just seems to do "the right thing" more often than other image viewers. [E.g., if you zoom and pan to see a small detail of an image, then hitting the SPC or BS keys to move to the next or previous image in the directory will keep your position and zoom level if possible, which makes it wonderful for doing inter-image comparison of fine details...]

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  • Superior speed for raw view/preview. Very useful when search in large raw-photo archive.

  • The great feature of Geeqie is the read-ahead decompression, so that the next image appears immediately. This is most useful when viewing large, high-resolution images on slower or older computers.

  • I found this because I was searching for an easy way to do a photo contact-sheet style printout of a batch of pictures. It was easy to figure out how to do this. The only problem I encountered is that it would not print to my HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A Plus printer. However, I was able to print to file and then print the file from another program. In the end, I got what I needed. Although I gave it a thumbs-up, I would give it a more hearty recommendation if the printing worked properly. In spite of the problem, it performs its task well.

  • One of the better GTK image viewers. Fast and flexible.

  • Very stable. Great app! Keep up the great work. Been using 1.0-0 since March 3....

  • Very impressed with this and with great potential. I'm using it with gnome and lxde.

  • Logiciel simple, rapide mais il manque une fonction essentielle: renommer les photos selon les données exif.

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