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Parent folder 2011-09-10 3.2 MB 2011-09-10 4.2 MB
Totals: 2 Items   7.4 MB 0 -Improved UI for dealing with the "SendTo" menu, by adding a row with a + button -added f2 handling to password field to reveal/hide password on f2 -additionalApps can now have custom icon -duplicate associations now show on the "open with" menu (last entry is the default) -partial ui work for file associations (read, not write) -fixed sendTo entries to do proper variable substitution -added handling for a /skipautorun parameter to both geekmenu.exe and startgeekmenu.exe -fixed bug 3480234 - tray icon explore now results in explore -fixed bug 3480566 - bugs in truecrypt settings dialog that resulted in truecrypt not working -added support for using truecrypt locally if it exists @c:\program files\truecrypt\truecrypt.exe -buildscript is now python -fixed bug with long environment variables wrapping -Windows Integration form no longer shows 2nd tab active by default -Early work towards File Associations (no UI, see source for ini requirements) -re-executing when password dialog is active no longer displays unrendered menu -Fixed cache creation -New portableApps Updater and corrected command line - fixed bug with sizing of wallpaper boxes - promoted to general release Beta 3 -Updated to latest release of portableAppsUpdater -Corrected issues with duplicate icons in some cases -Corrected adding appropriate root directory when running in TrueCrypt mode without including host apps -Corrected errors dealing with Hiding applications from the "Properties" dialog -Autorun profile is now disabled until autorun is checked -Fixed errors with category and hiding linked applications Beta 2 -Updated version of truecrypt - oooh, shiny golden taskbar icons! -fixed error in drawbox where top would always be 0 -fixed geekbackup to check for 64 bit windows and execute appropriate 7zip -fixed an issue with changing parameters from the property dialog box -App properties file now reads UTF-8 files -Fixed error where in certain circumstances additional apps were duplicated on refresh -Fixed label for TrueCrypt Volume Creation Wizard -Replaced corrupted images in install files Beta 1 -Update apps now runs serial rather than paralel on multiple drives, avoiding file lock -Fixed reported bug with exiting after running in unencrypted mode -Elevating to "beta", will provide translation files shortly -Search Icon tooltips are now in locale file Alpha 2 -Corrected Locale Load of Advance Options, Windows Integration, and Configure Plugin Menus -Added Environment variable setting ability. I know, I shouldn't be adding functionality at this point, but hey, I need it for the android SDK to work properly from my drive, so there... -Added "command prompt here" - yeah, yeah, see above -corrected issue with places bar -checked off a few todo list items -advanced options advanced text now reads from localizable file -replaced portableAppsBackup with a backup utility that can handle multiple drives (n.b. the recovery portion of this has not been tested yet, it may require manual recovery using 7-zip, which, lets face it is how you'd really need to recovery anyhow) -UI for portable font drag/drop added to Windows Integration dialog -Create TrueCrypt volume now points to PortableApps truecrypt path as distributed -Completed revamped documentation, will upload soon Alpha 1 -Replaced some missing errors from the release US locale file -Fixed bug in reverse drive variable substitution -Corrected Lookups in Truecrypt settings dialog -Fixed add and remove button caption on settings dialog -Provided UI for location lookup -extended customExplorer functionality to the "Explore Here" menu option -compiler conditions put in place to allow compilation in delphi > 2009 -fixed bug in settings dialog impacting unauthorized mode -can now remove linked apps (does not delete app) -made some changes to the way boxes drawn on wallpaper are stored/drawn- needs to be tested on XP -fixed category support in the property dialog box -commented out the drag/drop framework code and hid the pin button (this is planned for 1.5, trying to stay focused on getting 1.4 out of the door) -preliminary support for adding batch files to menu -fixed truecrypt options dialog to load and save results. -changed support for $DRIVEx$ to $ENCRYPTEDDRIVEx$, to reduce confusion ($DRIVE1$ was the host drive, $ENCRYPTEDDRIVE1$ is the first truecrypt drive -geekmenu.ini is now unicode THIS WILL BREAK SOME PREVIOUS CONFIGURATIONS- GM MUST BE RECONFIGURED if upgrading!!! -added reveal password to password dialog -corrected variable replacement & other issues in path append string -changed menu order for truecrypt settings -updater runs for each drive -fixed some issues with sendTo link creation -menu autoscrolling defaults to true -moved custom folder locations from locale file to geekmenu.ini -moved custom explorer location in INI file -UI support for custom locations (including browser location) -Initial support for custom text editor (currently unused) -localization support for advanced options, windows integration and truecrypt dialog -back end support for default portable browser added (need UI) -support for both .jpgs and .pngs in themes -fixed bug in category sorting -added a "Create subcategory" menu item for categories -renamed "category" right click menu item to "assign to category" by default -added pin/unpin feature (need better icons!) -menu now refreshes after category operations -right click menu re-organized -some framework for eventual drag/drop to menu support has been added -you can no assign a category to a subcategory of itself -resurrected code base -.pngs now required for themes -eliminated all plugins for now -handling win7 favorites links properly -added menu item to "update apps" -seperate config form for windows integration stuff -fixed a rendering bug in the send to scroll grid -probably some other stuff i forgot about -fixed loadFromCache -fixed refresh -added additional error handling to plugin loading -wallpaper plugin back to not being a plugin, now scales image, and can draw overlay boxes to assist with icon arrangement -fixed issue where linked apps in a category appeared twice -fixed issue with hiding applications -loading icon refreshes properly -added "Explore Here" to right click -moved Windows Integration features (fonts, Send To Shortcuts, placesBar, path) to "wintegration plugin" -can add linked app with right click -plugins now support ejection, vs regular exit (plugins re-built) -only load the additional shortcuts ini file if the file exists (duh) -deleted all the old code (previously commented out) -got rid of putty support, which didn't work anyway (documentation on the "application profile" feature still pending -corrected repositioning after expansion of categories that extend off the panel -fixed trueCrypt timeout errors under Vista and Win7 - -correctly display version in about form -included dutch locale file -removed "dde" label -option to autorun only if not already running -completely ripped out the actual application engine and replaced it with a component - this reduces the memory footprint (not as much as I hoped) but also greatly improves the maintainability of the codebase -hidden icons can now exist within categories -added completely undocumented "application profile" support -change font resource additions from sendmessage to sendnotifymessage -Correctly reads file product string as ansistring -Now properly shows Hide and unHide Applications as internationalized -Correctly obfuscates/deobfuscates truecrypt settings -corrected backup batch files on menu to display from encrypted drive -when enabling truecrypt and method is different for untrusted computers, asks to add current computer -disable all timers on exit to avoid spawning multiple instances of geekmenu.exe (d'oh) -First Delphi 2009 build (full unicode support, may spawn new bugs) -initial stubs for some of the plugin architecture -wallpaper changer implemented as a plugin -Fixed early TrayIcon appearance with "keep icon to left" -DateVar can appear in parameters more than once -Corrected double entries when running with shortcuts from bothdrives on an untrusted PC with run in unencrypted mode turned on -Fixed a bug with label creation for additional shortcuts (also fixed in -Fixed a bug with computer specific autorun files -Support for minimizing and hiding linked applications -Support for sending parameters to a linked application -Support for hiding autorun applications -Support for an alternate TC volume on untrusted PCs -Menu detects taskbar location @ startup -Menu relocates when resolution changes -first 1.3 experimental track release -added option to include applications from both host drive and truecrypt drive -now shows drive space info for host drive & truecrypt drive -some small optmizations to code base -Removed some items that didn't belong in uses clause -Added "ShellLinks.pas" to the distribution -Fixed a bug with custom labels for additional shortcuts getting overwritten -New localization for italian language -Fixed a bug with changing the label of an application without a "data" subdirectory -Additions/changes to the distribution .locale files -Corrected help menu to display "About" -Corrected "Places Bar" cleanup - users of older versions may need to delete registry key and placesbar backup files -Fully localized error messages -Corrected bug with variable substitution with an ejectCommand -Corrected bug with displaying alternate theme on unknown PC -Application label being properly assigned when adding additional shortcuts -Menu now refreshes after modifying shortcuts in the Advanced Options dialog -Fixed issue with putty drop down menu -Added localization for the password entry dialog -Corrected Eject Script variable support in the settings dialog -Corrected the "edit Locale" function in the Advance Options dialog -Added help options for documentation and forums -Fixed issue with Autoscroll settings not being saved properly -Fixed Sorting code to properly handle applications with numbers at the beginning of the name -Changed the window updating code - hopefully this will result in less flashing. -Now including TrueCrypt v. 5.0 -Scrolling with arrow keys and mouse wheel works again -Renaming categories works properly -Category names beginning with spaces are now supported (they will sort to the top) -Corrected bug with installing apps to a non-standard path -Fixed issue where customexplorer with variables would be stored as resolved -No longer creates duplicates for linked apps if they are on host drive and is running in non-encrypted mode -Properly prefills themes drop down in settings dialog, truecrypt tab -If Preferred TrueCryptDriveLetter is blank, assumeTrueCryptMountedIfDrivePresent will be false; -autoscroll option stores properly Version 1.2 adds -Send To items now can include command line arguments -properly stores locale when set from menu version adds -Supports removal of personal picture -adds locale edit button to settings dialog -fixes "cannot create shell notification icon" errors -fixes issues if explorer.exe process ends and restarts Version adds -Multi-level category support -fixed bug with renaming application -autoscroll support for the menu added -changes to the advanced settings dialog Version adds -Support for alternate theme in Truecrypt mode -linked apps on $TRUECRYPTDRIVE$ don't show when not in truecrypt mode -corrected winkey+p bug -wallpaper loads correctly from a locale specified picture directory -support for creating/removing "SendTo" shortcuts -populating a folder called "PortableFonts" with TTF Files will register fonts while menu is running Version adds -Documents, Music, Videos, Pictures folders can be defined in the locale file (in the FORM_MAIN section as LOCATION_DOCUMENTS, LOCATION_MUSIC, LOCATION_VIDEOS & LOCATION_PICTURES) -XP theming support enabled - wheee -search URLs can now be defined in the local file (in the URLs section as GOOGLE, IMAGE, MAPS, PRODUCTS & WIKI). Note that although these can be defined by the user the site must support google or wikipedia style search strings -initial support for changing application icons -"Places Bar" customization when running menu Version adds to 1.0 -Define a custom explorer to browse folders (e.g. Xenon) -Stealth mode for Truecrypt (no icon displayed) -Read only mode for TrueCrypt as a supported option for non-trusted computers
Source: readme.txt, updated 2012-01-29