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  • The best IDE for c programming!

  • Geany satisfies all my needs.

  • What I only miss so far is the mangement of sessions (per project) saving/restoring.

  • Geany is the perfect lightweight editor! I use it for everything

  • I found Geany as an ubuntu package and have fallen in love with it! The function completion in php is a godsend with all the different naming_styles that CodersUseForFunctions. Sadly, my favorite part isn't working on the Windows install: php double quote and single quote strings. Geany really helped my coding with this feature but it seems no one is going to bother to make a fix for it, claiming nothing is wrong... check their bug # 875 This is a minus 2 stars, sorry folks.

  • Geany is a very powerful, fast, stable, and helpful IDE. Geany is the main (practically only IDE) I use. The developers respond quickly and well to bug reports and suggestions. Geany is the only IDE used in the Betabotics project due to its greatness.

  • Best IDE so far, simple as it can be.

  • Thanks for the last update, geany!

  • Great IDE. Clean, simple, efficient. Yet it provides all the navigation features I need to manage a large code base. Unlike many editors is also doesn't fall down with large files. Very solid application. I don't believe I have ever had geany crash.

  • works great.

  • thanks for the quality project

  • I decided to try out this program and have used it for a few days now to work on a C++ project. So far I really like it, and will continue to use it. Thumbs up!

  • You made my life easier!

  • The best text editor available on Ubuntu. Moved from windows, and Geany was the only reasonable replacement for notepad++

  • Really nice free IDE, thanks!

  • Marvellous. Such a tiny fast IDE stuff. I've tried and stay orking with it. Thanks.

  • very useful program for small changes in the code!

  • Very comfortable and functional IDE, due to the large number of supported files, can be used for any purpose. I started using it in Windows and Linux.

  • I like this program and I want to take part of improvement this project! Thankss!

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  • Very perspective text editor and IDE

  • I've been using Geany for a couple of years and it keeps getting better. Fast to load and keyboard commands are familiar and easily learned. It does not rely on a specific desktop and its list of dependencies is short so just installing it won't fill your hard drive with a long list of libraries.

  • I use Geany for getting a quick look at code and doing quick editing jobs. For tasks that don't need the muscle of EMACS or ViM, Geany is truly the ultimate editor. Anybody who needs a visual interface text editor should use Geany.

  • Lovely code editor, use it for Python and general text editing!

  • Really great app !

  • I have worked with many text editors and IDEs: MS VC++, Notepad++, Anjuta, CodeBlocks, Emacs; and I am glad I found Geany. These days I don't feel the need for a different tool for any text-editing or coding tasks. I have introduced a bunch of colleagues to Geany and they all have switched to it. I have made many little customizations to the interface, and now I feel completely at home with it -- with few or no irritants, and many things to be very pleased about. If you aren't an Emacs or vi guru, or don't need something very specialized for a certain language (like MS VC++), then you should certainly give Geany a look. Geany should really be more popular than it is right now :) + Intuitive, Neat and Lightweight + Great for the beginner and also the advanced user + Seems to have just the right set of features that I need + Very responsive Dev team + Stable + Customizable

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