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  • Great. It's simple, fast and user-friendly. Keep it up.

  • Found it great for C/C++ & PHP projects.

  • Im a webmaster,usually i lost my time searching a good program,this is the most fastest program and the best one. well,i send my snippets.conf to the feature request tracker,but,take the link: it contain new snippets to: HTML,CSS,JS,PHP. (also tags files)

  • É um ótimo editor, recomendo 100%, o suporte a várias linguagens permite que se use ele em todos os meus projetos.

  • I love this simple, fast, light weight IDE. I use it for PHP development. I use it in Ubuntu OS and Windows 7. For basic html and notepad editing I use this. I wrote a post about this in

  • Love ths project been using it for both Python and C++. The only thing is that I wish there was a more "native" WIndow port (for other classmates, I am a happy Linux user). But overall a awesome project download and use,,

  • Best lightweight IDE I've ever used.

  • I'm using Geany under Ubuntu, to develop in PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS. It's simply the best.

  • Impressive

  • Great text editor, I'm using it every day. And it supports several OS, for example it works well on windows too...

  • Easy and Powerful Editor! Thanks a lot for authors!!!

  • Awesome, capable text editor respectively IDE. Highly recommended for any language.

  • I searched and searched for some tool that could work with C,TCL, java and others... and i found it:).

  • I stopped looking for another IDE when I came across Geany. It's blazingly fast, extremely helpful, visually appealing and most of all: memory efficient. It's pretty much customizable in every way that I need. Can't wait what features new version of Geany will introduce!

  • Pretty much the only code editor I use anymore in Linux and Windows. Supports every type of file I work with, Scintilla is really nice and there a couple handy plugins. Also works great with large files, I was working on a text file the other day with over 2 million lines without a hitch. Only (small) problem I have is with the built-in VTE, and it not wanting to Ctrl+C my scripts. Highly recommended, it's a perfect mix of a basic programming editor and a full blown IDE.

  • Great open source software. I plan on working on geany to help this project grow even better! I love this with linux.

  • I decided to try out this program and have used it for a few days now to work on a C++ project. So far I really like it, and will continue to use it. Thumbs up!

  • I like this program and I want to take part of improvement this project