A port of the Linux operating system kernel and assorted GNU userspace to the GameCube and Wii gaming consoles from Nintendo. Please, see http://www.gc-linux.org for additional information.

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Boot, Hardware, Linux

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User Reviews

  • This is great. When I press power on my Wii, it boots right into whiite, and I can run it headless through ssh. All packages are outdated though, so you need to update the sources.list file located in /etc/apt. With a quick google search for "Debian lenny updates", you can find the updated urls for your sources file.

  • You Know that would geting awsome? To get Steam OS on the Game Cube or Wii (Debian Linux Gamer os ;) )

  • Took a bit of time to install, but once it's on it worked well. Be aware that it can't tell the difference between primary and secondary RAM, that it's no longer supported, that it's an old Debian and sometimes WiFi breaks so you need to reboot. But those are only small niggles when you consider what you get - Linux on the Wii :-)

  • good job

  • Very Nice Project !!My Project is based with your Whiite Linux :-) I make a userfriendly Whiite Linux with updated packages system files apt-get list... I realy like your project.But please fix ping.When i start ping ,pinging wont stop....

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Advanced End Users, Developers

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Assembly, C