Ganib gives simpler ways to keep your projects organized and on track. Take advantage of easy features that help you quickstart and makes your team more efficient and productive.

Open source Web based online agile project management collaboration software free, J2EE platform, MySql database with project dashboards & reporting.

Organized Teams & Projects: Easily plan & manage projects with intuitive features to help your team deliver on time. Quickly focus on what's important, easily select actions to take.

Be efficient for everyday work, project tasks, important details, and timelines.

Tasks: Set milestones, tasks, subtasks with duration and dependencies to teams better organized.

Scrum: Communicate effectively with your team using scrum, wikis & discussions to make better decisions.

Timesheet & Tracking: Track the time spent in real time using gTrack desktop tool with desktop screenshots.

Bug Tracking: Manage bugs.



  • Project Management: Agile, Traditional, Waterfall
  • Tasks, Milestones, Deadlines
  • Project planning: Gantt views
  • Progress Tracking: Realtime Tracking: gTrack
  • Bugs, Features & Defect tracking
  • Timesheet
  • Time tracking: Desktop client with screenshots
  • Documents Management
  • Requirements, Tests, Risks Management
  • Calendar, Meetings, Discussions
  • Email alerts: late tasks, status updates
  • Collaboration; Scrum posts
  • Multiple Languages: English, Spanish...
  • Easy to extend
  • Web-Based Open Source & Free to use
  • Easy to use & adaptability
  • Wiki pages integration
  • Copy/Paste Tasks from Spreadsheets, Outlook
  • Lists: Data entry pages on the fly, WYSIWYG Editor
  • Import/Export Microsoft Project Files
  • Todo Lists
  • Burndown charts
  • Search across projects
  • Project Dashboard
  • Resource Management
  • Story Management
  • Test Cases Management
  • Download & Install on your server
  • Support:
  • Watch work progress by email
  • Security & Permissions controls
  • Useful for: Software Teams, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing Departments.
  • Compatible with Mobiles, Tablets, Phablets, Desktops, Touch Screens.
  • Available as SaaS & Hosted Versions
  • Email:
  • | | | ----------------- Roadmap ------------------ I | |
  • Billing: Billed/Unbilled, Internal/External billing
  • Planning Views: Resource, Billing, Progress, Allocations
  • Chat: Scrum meetings, One-to-one discussions, Announcements
  • Quickbooks: Project Financials integration
  • Workflow Management: WYSIWYG Editor
  • Import/Export: xls, csv, pdf
  • Inbox: Collaboration Dashboard
  • Dropbox, Google Doc Integrations
  • Advanced Task Management
  • Resource Skills Management
  • Material Resources Management
  • SVN/Git Integration
  • Outlook, Google Calendar Integrations
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Resource Intelligence: Suggest Resource & dates
  • Probabilities: Task, Project Completion, Deadline alerts, Slippage.
  • ---------- Releases -----------
  • Important bug fixes: Every 7 Days
  • Incremental improvements: Every 15 days
  • Major Features: Every 30 Days

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User Reviews

  • Does not work. Tried with windows 10 and WXP. Current version did not start. THIS IS NOT OPEN SOFTWARE

  • Never got it to work. No documentation. No source. Blew several hours tinkering with it to no avail. When I finally got the database working and tried to start it, I was rewarded with a massive 500 error that went on for several pages. Not going to waste any more time with it. Looks like one of those scam projects where the whole goal is to get you to buy their hosted service. Don't waste your time unless you're willing to go down that route.

    2 users found this review helpful.
  • I tried to use this software and created a sourceforge account in order to strongly advise other people to stay away from it. - the source code is nowhere to be found - the website shows absolutely no information - ganib will send emails to unknown recipients on behalf of your smtp credentials - the jre zip comes with a very outdated java re (version 6, 32 bits) - (which might even be against java license, not end user agreement for example) - incompatible with JRE7 ou JRE8 - performance is *really* poor, totally unusable - absolutely no support - documentation ?? what documentation ?? Wasted 5 hours on this.

    2 users found this review helpful.
  • Ganib has really brought up so many things as promised...I think this was worth waiting for..Great Leap Ganib!!! :D

  • Agile scrums are a rage these days & Ganib knows this very well. Therefore, enabling teams to organize tasks, assign work, and follow team activity are the parts that play a vital role here....A very good idea for managing project & people.

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Additional Project Details


Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Romanian

Intended Audience

Developers, Information Technology, Management, Manufacturing, Science/Research, Telecommunications Industry

Programming Language

JSP, Java, JavaScript

Database Environment

JDBC, MySQL, Oracle