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Gamer Football Statistics - Track your matches for your life. ============================================================= Application description: ======================== A Java program for tracking your results in football games like PES11 or FIFA11 against other gamers/computer. Track championships with seasons, days of play and matches. Record any stats you can imagine. Upcoming tournament mode. The application is desinged for mouse usage, except typing your name and email adress ;-) Drag the gamers for a match and record goals, assists and red cards. Reporting issues will be added in future. A tournament mode is planned after implementing last issues on championship mode. Feel free posting your comments, feedback, bugs or feature requests in the tracker section. Features: ========= - Track your tournaments, organized in a group stage and k.o. phases. - Track your championships, organized by seasons, matchdays and matches - Check your statistics for each championship showing the eternal table and each season as a table. - Check your statistics for all tracked results showing by the eternal table. - Set the teams for your matches - Download national and club teams from the internet for the 4 big leagues. - Use image of yourself for display - Drag and drop of players on creating new matches - Designed for mouse usage, except typing your name and email adress ;-) - Check for updates of program - Upcoming: Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese language. Be invited for more translations Java based: =========== The program needs Java Version 6, get it from here: Install: ======== Unzip the downloaded zip-file to a folder with read/write privileges. Double click jar file and the application starts. Updates: ======== The software will be regularly updated, new releases can be downloaded @ License: ========= This software is released by the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE see
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