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Changelog: ========== v1.7.4.4 Bug fixes: - Fixed a rather nasty bug that would crash Game Launcher on startup, or slow it down considerably. Thanks to @secondsabre on GitHub for reporting this bug. Other: - Fixed Start Menu links pointing to the old domain - Removed the bundled documentation, as all information is now available on the Wiki: http://gamelauncher.info/wiki/ - Start Menu Documentation link now points to the Wiki v1.7.4.3 Features: - A function to start a random game in your list has been added. You can find it under the 'Options'-menu. Other: - The option to sort statistics by play time has been disabled for the time being, as a bug has been found where the statistics wouldn't work if two games had the same amount of play time. This will be fixed in a future release. - The Game Launcher website is now hosted at http://gamelauncher.info/. - All links within the application have been updated to the new domain. v1.7.4.2 Features: - You can now manually check for dead games in the options menu Bug fixes: - Fixed the dock not actually launching any games and just silently failing - Fixed ampersands showing double in Skype notifications when a game was stopped - Fixed ampersands showing double when editing a game v1.7.4.1 Bug fixes: - Fixed a bunch of error message that arose from the previous update, sorry v1.7.4 Features: - The dead link check introduced in v1.7.2 will now also detect uninstalled Steam games if an executable for the Steam game was specified when it was added to Game Launcher. Bug fixes: - A major, long running bug has been fixed. Games with launchers and Steam games with executables associated with them now correctly record stats and display in Skype notifications. - Fixed a bug where the parenthesis in the Skype play time notifications wouldn't be closed; The closing parenthesis was omitted during transition to the new multi-language structure of Game Launcher. Other: - Fixed a bunch of typos in the changelog. - Fixed a few late bindings. v1.7.3 Features: - You will now get to see the changelog for any new versions found when checking for updates, in Game Launcher itself. It will show up with a prompt if you check for updates manually in the About box, or after pressing 'OK' in an automatic update notification. - You can now explore a game's folder by selecting "Explore game folder" under each game's menu item. Bug fixes: - Fixed a bug where .NET would throw an error if you tried to display statistics when there were none recorded. - Removed code for a left-over feature from before the new Add Game form was added. Other: - Updating will now point you to the Game Launcher website. - Updating will now quit Game Launcher to prevent installation problems when the update is being installed. - The website has received a major overhaul both on the back- and front-end. It's now easier than ever to download and check version changes. Download locations changed to SourceForge per the changes below: - The hosting for Game Launcher files has been permanently moved to SourceForge.net, from Google Code. All new updates will be served from SourceForge, and the Google Code page will be gradually phased out. Issues have been moved to GitHub. Source code and version control will remain on GitHub, as they are now. In short: Download GL installer from SourceForge; Download GL source or report bugs on GitHub This is in response to Google terminating the Downloads for Google Code projects in January 2014. This version will be the final version posted on Google Code. - I didn't even notice it, but Game Launcher's one year anniversary has come and gone. The project was created on May 22, 2012, and was prompted by me having a ton of game icons cluttering up my desktop. Hooray! v1.7.2 Features: - Game Launcher will now detect dead links when it is started. It will then ask you if you want to delete the games that no longer exist from your game list. Languages: - Added Vietnamese language (Trans. by Khoa Pham) - Added Finnish language (Trans. by Hakkapeliitta) Bugfixes: - Fixed a bug where the text in the links in the About window wouldn't entirely show in some languages. Other: - Installer changed to NSIS, as it is much much faster than the .NET installer. NSIS does not, however, check for .NET, but an error message will be thrown on app start-up if .NET does not exist in the environment. - Game Launcher is now supported by two offers shown to the user during the installation process. After having spent a large amount of my free time coding this application and not receiving a single donation, I saw it necessary to try to monetize this somehow. I do not want to put advertisements in the application itself, so you are now asked to install partner software during installation. You are NOT required to install this software, but if you do, it would encourage the continued development of Game Launcher. None of the offers contain adware, malware or spyware, and they are easily uninstalled once you no longer wish to use them. Thank you for supporting Game Launcher. v1.7.1 Features: - You can now change colors and fonts used to render the main menu! Click 'Theme' under Options. - A new update notification has been added. If an update is found, a notification pops up on the bottom right corner of your screen, asking you to update (if update checking is enabled in Options). - New options in the Statistics-window: * You can now select a desired sort mode (alphabetically or by time played) * You can now select whether you want the chart to be shown in 3D or not. This will affect display and image saving. * New selectable color palettes: + Cake + Chewing Gum + Fruit + Goldfish Languages: - Added Portuguese language (Trans. by Sousa_Software) - Added Swedish language (Trans. by Harteex) - Added French language (Trans. by Sanic) Bugfixes: - Added some untranslated strings to the translation files (from the dock's context menu. Thanks to Harteex for spotting those!) Known issues with this release: - If you use a custom theme, you will have to use arrow keys on your keyboard in order to open sub-menus like Options and the edit/delete options beneath each game. Other: - Rearranged and changed size of controls in the statistics- window to accommodate the new sorting option mentioned above. - An Easter egg has been added. It's your job to find it. Because you're the hero that the seven seas deserve, but not the one they need right now. So we'll pillage you. Because you can take it. Because you're not a hero, you're a silent landlubber, a watchful shipmate... A Tanned Swashbuckler. v1.7 Features: - Multi-language support is here! The included languages in this release are: Catalan, English, Norwegian, German, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), Spanish. (multi-language first introduced in commit 30064ac6e3) I'm still looking for translators, so if you speak a language not yet implemented and would like to contribute, shoot off an e-mail to retrocrew.djlarz@gmail.com, and I'll send you the materials required for translation. Bugfixes - Fixed some minor bugs here and there, mainly concerning the new language support, and adapting the rest of the application to use a framework that simplifies translation. (no specific commit) - Fixed a bug where ampersands (&) in game names would not be escaped when generating a linkable chart (making the API think it was a delimiter for a new parameter, breaking the chart layout). (commit 6b62ae1f5b) - Fixed a bug where a starting parenthesis would appear at the start of a game name in the Statistics-window (commit 6b62ae1f5b) - Fixed a bug where the application would throw an error if the user tried to click 'Add game' in the menu while an Add Game form was already visible. It will now put focus on the existing Add Game form instead. (commit 0bc6947459) Other: - Rearranged and resized many controls in most of the windows, to better fit other languages that may have longer translations. (commits ad9559e51a, b386df35bc, 7a1b8a4656, 14cf5d1410, 70c080c38c, 3c0c8397e3, 034bde29c6) - Source code hosting is moved to GitHub. I will still be uploading source archives to Google Code as I release new versions of Game Launcher, but to get the absolutely newest source, you'll need to visit the project's GitHub page. https://github.com/xdpirate/GameLauncher/ v1.6.0.5 Bugfixes: - The Statistics-window now properly updates after having had data entries removed. - Fixed a problem where games with ampersands in their names would show a double ampersand in the Statistics- window and the Clear data-window for Statistics. - The "Save as image" button in the Statistics-window now properly throws an error message if something fails while saving the image. The success-message also looks nicer. Other: - Reworded the About-form message. - Fixed a couple of typos and grammar errors. v1.6.0.4 * This is more or less a bug fix/maintenance update due to the application being more or less feature complete. Still taking feature requests, though, post it in the Google-code issues tracker or via e-mail retrocrew.djlarz@gmail.com. - Decreased application update check frequency to once every two hours due to the reduced frequency of updates released. - Increased process monitor (used for games with launchers and Steam games) update frequency to once every second (was 10). - The process monitor will now look for the process of a game launched with a launcher or via Steam for 5 minutes before it stops looking (was way more due to an arithmetic error). This should hopefully fix some issues where a game launched with a launcher would fail to register, and play time couldn't be tracked. v1.6.0.3 - Fixed a bug where game icons would be slightly stretched. - Aspect ratio in icons will now be preserved. - Entries in the Statistics-window are now sorted alphabetically. - Entries in the Remove window for Statistics are now sorted alphabetically. - Removed the gray color in the "Bright Pastel" palette in the Statistics-window, as it didn't fit the theme. # Technical: CustomInputBox was removed as it wasn't being used by anything anymore. v1.6.0.2 - Games are now run from a separate thread. - The tray icon for Game Launcher now shows a loading message when it is hovered over while initially loading. - "Clear data" in the Statistics-window now allows you to selectively remove games you no longer wish to have included in the statistics. - Bug fix: The main menu now closes immediately after a game is launched. - Bug fix: Fixed a bug where the shell extension would not add games correctly due to a coding error. v1.6.0.1 - Bug fix: When selecting "Get from executable" on a Steam game with an executable specified would throw an error. It now behaves as intended. v1.6 - The biggest update to Game Launcher ever brings a lot of new functionality, speed and stability to the application. - Game icons are now cached and saved in \icons and \steamicons respectively, speeding up GL a lot when it starts. - A shiny and lovely new Add Game dialog window has been added! This new dialog will be used for all three methods of adding games (Options -> Add game, drag'n'drop window and Explorer integration), and for editing a game's properties. - You can now specify custom icons for all your games. This can be done in the new Add Game dialog. - Editing all aspects of entries is now done via the new Add Game dialog. - Games that uses launchers can now be tracked for playtime in statistics and in Skype notifications. Game Launcher will search for the main game executable for five minutes after you have started the launcher. This can be configured in the new Add Game dialog. - Steam games can now be tracked for playtime and Skype notifications by specifying the executable steam uses to run the game. It will look for the game process for five minutes after launching the game. This can be configured in the new Add Game dialog. - As a result of the new Add Game dialog, the menu items "Add Steam game", "Edit command-line arguments", "Rename game" and "Delete command-line arguments" were removed. You can now edit all this by clicking the new "Edit game" menu item under each game. - You can now toggle the auto update check in Preferences. - The About-window now has a button to check for updates manually. - Auto update check interval increased from 15 to 30 minutes. v1.5.1 - Fixed a bug where the the hours shown in the Stats-window would be wrong if play time exceeded 24 hours. The chart now shows days. - Reworded "Generate embeddable chart" to "Generate linkable chart" - "Generate linkable chart" option in Statistics-window greatly enhanced. It now pops up a window containing a short link for you to copy or visit instead of automatically opening the link in your browser. - "Generate linkable chart" button now shows 'Please wait' while Game Launcher is generating the linkable chart. - Generated linkable charts now get painted with the same palette you've selected in the Stats-window. - Generated linkable charts now shows your total playing time. - Stats window now shows your total playing time. - About-window greatly fleshed out. Now contains a list of libraries and tools used in Game Launcher. Also contains the standard GNU GPL license notice. # Technical: A large number of potential casting errors fixed, along with a few late bindings (Note: not all late bindings are fixed as some are necessary to parse the context menu used for the main game list. This will be addressed in the future.. Probably) # Technical: The pie chart no longer uses the default ChartColorPalettes, because their colors cannot be parsed, instead we now use a custom Color-array and the PaletteCustomColors-property. v1.5 - Target framework changed from ".NET 4 Client Profile" to just ".NET 4". This shouldn't affect users with up to date .NET Framework installations. The setup.exe installer program, will, however, check if you have the necessary dependencies on your computer. - Statistics window now contains new options: * Change label options (Inside, outside, disabled) * Change the color palette used on the chart * Toggle the legend * Clear collected data * Create embeddable charts for web use (uses Google Image Charts API) - Statistics window now has a minimum size of 735x540, to avoid elements flowing onto each other. - Statistics window title bar text changed to "Game Launcher Playtime Statistics" - Fixed a bug where Game Launcher would try to get a game via command-line when started without any arguments. - Game Launcher can now be passed "/q" to suppress the balloon tool tip from appearing when launching the application. - If Game Launcher is set to run on start-up, it will now start silently, no balloon tip. Users who already have this setting enabled will need to disable then re-enable it for the change to take effect. - Game Launcher is now able to accept multiple games via the shell extension/explorer integration. They will be added in sequence, almost identically to how the drop window works. - Note: The statistics window doesn't track Steam games, and probably won't for a long time. - A new 'Add game'-window exists in the application and in the source code, but hasn't been made available through the interface yet. This is because it's only designed, but not rigged or programmed to work with Game Launcher in any way yet. This new 'Add game'-interface will be completed and added soon. v1.4.5 - Instead of fixing bugs, I added statistics! After playing some games, click the new menu item "Statistics" to view a pie chart, charting your playing time. You can delete/rename individual entries by modifying registry values in HKCU\Software\GameLauncher\stats. The values stored are saved as QWORDs containing the number of seconds the game has been played overall. v1.4.4-rev5 - Fixed an issue where a Skype notification wouldn't be sent if Skype was opened after Game Launcher. This might result in a small delay (1 second or so) when running the first game after launching Skype, since GL must wait to be attached to Skype before launching the game. - Cleaned up the code to display playing time in Skype notifications. Instead of "1 hour(s), 1 minute(s), 1 second(s)", proper pluralisation will now show. v1.4.4-rev4 - Adding Steam shortcuts via the drag'n'drop window now properly displays the name of the game to avoid confusion when adding them. - The name of the Steam game is now shown in the title bar of the Open File Dialog window when choosing an icon, again to avoid confusion. v1.4.4-rev3 - Having the dock on top of all other windows is now an option when you right-click the dock. - You can now open the dock by double-right-clicking on the tray icon, aimed at people on laptops or with a 2-button mouse. v1.4.4-rev2 - Fixed a bug where the dock would temporarily hide when you pressed Windows+D or clicking the Show Desktop tab on the task bar. - Removed the readme.rtf-file and added a complete, more in-depth HTML documentation, available both online and offline. v1.4.4-rev1 - Fixed a bug where GL wouldn't send a notification to Skype when you started playing a game. v1.4.4 - You can now add games to Game Launcher by right-clicking a shortcut or executable anywhere in Windows Explorer, then clicking 'Add to Game Launcher'. Supported file-types: exe, jar, cmd, bat. This is an option that's disabled by default, check the Preferences window in order to enable this functionality. - A new, pretty input box added. This fixed a bug where the old input boxes would sometimes appear underneath other application windows. v1.4.3 - Added a shiny, new Preferences window! - Moved the three options previously in the Options sub-menu into the new Preferences window. Changes now take effect immediately. - Fixed a bug where the update prompt would infinitely duplicate itself if left unattended. v1.4.2-rev4 - Fixed an embarrassing mistake where I left in a dialog box that shouldn't be there, which was used for debugging purposes. v1.4.2-rev3 - Game Launcher no longer stops responding while connecting to Skype. - Game Launcher no longer stops responding while checking for updates. - Update frequency changed from 30 minutes to 15 minutes (Don't worry, it collects exactly 4 bytes of data each time, that's about 11 KB a month of running 24/7). - Installer now detects and removes previous versions before upgrading. Your personal preferences, though, will remain intact! v1.4.2-rev2 - Addressed an issue where the dock wouldn't update when adding games via the drag'n'drop window. v1.4.2-rev1 - The dock should now properly update when adding/removing games. v1.4.2 - Added a sexy dock bar with game icons on it. Middle-click the tray icon to show the dock! To close the dock, middle-click the tray icon again, or right-click the dock and click 'Close'. - You can change the dock's opacity by right-clicking the dock and clicking 'Change opacity'. This value is stored in the registry and thus will persist between sessions. - If the dock's open when you quit Game Launcher, it will open when you start it again. - Added an option to wipe all command-line arguments from a given game. - Cleaned up, simplified and tweaked a lot of the program's code. - Re-enabled application framework. This was disabled in a very early build of Game Launcher, and I never got around to reverting it back when I didn't need it anymore. For the end user, this basically means a prettier interface. - Showing play time in Skype notifications is now an option. v1.4.1 (Not publicly released) - Skype notifications will now display the time spent playing the game. This only works for normal executables, and doesn't work for Steam games, and probably never will. v1.4 - Support for command-line arguments has now been added. This allows you to launch games with custom settings, e.g. send a file name to an emulator, custom resolution, etc. - Steam games that have arguments are now launched by directly invoking the Steam exe instead of using the steam:// protocol. This is simply because the Steam protocol doesn't support command line arguments. - Fixed a bug where some games with ampersands wouldn't run at all. - Cleaned up the INI-loading code. - You can now also edit or add command-line arguments for a game by hovering over the game in question, then clicking 'Edit command-line arguments...'. v1.3.4 - You can now rename games by hovering over the game to be renamed, then clicking 'Rename...'. - You can now remove individual games by hovering over the game to be removed from the list, then clicking 'Remove...'. - You can now select an icon from an EXE-file when choosing an icon for an added Steam game. This is peachy when adding a non-Steam game to Game Launcher, as the Steam icon folder won't contain an icon for your game! - Reworded "Remove game..." in the Options-menu to "Remove games...", since its primary function now is to remove several games at once. - Changed the selection mode of the Remove window list. You now have to click CTRL to select additional items. - Added some helpful text to the Remove window. - The confirmation dialog in the Remove window will now show the names of the games you are removing. - Added a bunch of tool tips to menu items! v1.3.3-rev2 - Drag and drop box now accepts Steam shortcuts, both for regular Steam games and non-Steam games added to your Steam library. - Fixed a bug where GL would try to delete a Steam icon that didn't exist upon removing a single game from the game list, thus throwing an error. - Reworded the menu element 'Send notifications to Skype when starting a game' to 'Send notifications to Skype', since it now also let's Skype know when you've stopped playing a game. - Completely rewrote the readme.txt, and moved the changelog into a separate file. v1.3.3-rev1 (Not publicly released) - Fixed a bug where the user would be shown an error if update server couldn't be reached. v1.3.3 - Game Launcher now supports adding games via drag and drop. Double click the tray icon to show a drop window, then drop your executables or shortcuts onto this window. This is a quick way to initially populate the list after first install, by giving it all your desktop icons. Nom nom nom! v1.3.2 - Game Launcher now sends a notification to Skype when you stop playing a game from a normal EXE. This isn't possible to do with Steam games since we can't reliably track which process is used by the game. - Cleaned up the code used when running a game. - Reworded Skype notification text: * When you start playing a normal game: "Currently Playing: $gameName" * When you stop playing a normal game: "Stopped Playing: $gameName" * When you start playing a Steam game: "Now Playing: $gameName (Steam)" - Fixed a bug where games with ampersands in their names would show as double ampersands in the Skype notifications. v1.3.1 - Fixed a bug with adding Steam games with ampersands in their names. - Cleaned up the new version check code. - Fixed a bug where an error would pop up if the user had Skype open but wasn't logged in. - Fixed a bug where an error would pop up if the user didn't allow Game Launcher to access Skype. - Fixed an arithmetic overflow error that could occur on both 'Add game' and 'Add Steam game'. - Fixed a bug where the user would be shown an error if the update server could not be reached for some reason. v1.3-rev1 - Fixed a bug where the user would be prompted to update the application even though they had the latest version. v1.3 - Added Skype integration, defaults to disabled, can be toggled from options menu. Enabling this will send a notification to skype when you start playing a game, in the form of "Now Playing: Game Name". The setting for this is stored in the registry under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GameLauncher. v1.2.1 - Added an auto-updater, now you will be notified of new versions! v1.2-rev2 - Fixed a bug where non-steam games couldn't be removed. v1.2-rev1 - Added a fancy About-box. About time! v1.2 - Game menu is now automatically alphabetized. - settings.ini is now automatically alphabetized. - Changes to the menu are now automatically saved to disk, instead of saving on exit (old behavior). - Stored Steam icon in steamicons-subdirectory is now deleted when the respective game is removed from the list - Clearing the list now *empties* the steamicons- subdirectory, so don't store stuff in it. v1.1.3 - Now prompts to select an icon when adding a Steam game. Will use default Steam icon if cancelled. Icons are saved as BMPs in the steamicons-subdirectory of the installed path, and are loaded from there on subsequent restarts of the application. v1.1.2-rev5 - Quit menu item now moved to top of main list. v1.1.2-rev4 - 10 second close described below is reverted due to unexpected behavior and, really, it isn't needed at all. v1.1.2-rev3 - Menu now appears at cursor position when invoked through the Win+G keyboard shortcut. - Menu now closes after 10 seconds if no action is taken. v1.1.2-rev2 - DLLs are now embedded into the EXE. - Some code optimizations. v1.1.2-rev1 - Fixed a bug where the working directory might be set wrong after launching a game. v1.1.2 - Changed the icon drawing code to provide high quality interpolation. This means that the icons are no longer as ugly as they were before. v1.1.1 - Added option to register the launcher as a Windows start-up application. v1.1-rev5 - Fixed a bug where .bat-files wouldn't show in the file browser. Also added a descriptive title bar to the file browser. v1.1-rev4 - Fixed a bug with adding games with an ampersand in their name (&) v1.1-rev3 - Removed possibility of adding custom icons for Steam games, will now use the Steam icon itself instead. The reason for this is that the coding and saving infrastructure makes it hard to implement, and it isn't really a vital function. Custom icons were working fine, but they wouldn't show up if the application was closed and reopened, as they weren't saved anywhere. v1.1-rev1 - Fixed saving problem, Game Launcher should now save properly on exit, to the directory where the exe is located. v1.1 - Added support for Steam games. v1.0 - Initial build, saving was screwed because of a CurrentDirectory error.
Source: readme.txt, updated 2013-08-18

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