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Version 3.4.1 ------------- Fvwm-Crystal restore a missing clock into the Dock recipe and make the automatic hibernation to also work like a preference setting. Version 3.4.0 ------------- Fvwm-Crystal 3.4.0 brings new exiting features and many bug fixes. - Support for Hibernation/Suspend via pm-utils, include automatic hibernation when the battery become low - Support for /etc/sudoers.d: to be in the fvwm-crystal group will let you use the commands in the Exit menu - The AlsaMixer control can use any ALSA 'Volume' control in the system. - fvwm-crystal.generate-menu: add bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, ppm and tga formats to icon generation; use first picture when source have several pictures, fix to make more icons, use awk instead of piped commands, cleanup, helper script to launch the menu generation automatically. - New XDG application menu via Alt + A with preference. For best result, install fvwm-xdg-menu from For this to work, you will need fvwm from cvs. - A few key bindings changes: - each key assigned to the old menu shortcuts can show both the Crystal menu and the Applications menu (with or without the Shift key). This is usefull with laptops and other keyboards. - New instantaneous screen blanking function via Alt + O (as found on laptops) - Alt + G toggle the media players GUI - Alt + S toggle AlsaMixer and QJackCtl - Alt + P for previous track (instead of Alt + N) - Alt + N for next track (instead of Alt + M) - Alt + M for Application menu (Alt + Shift + M for Crystal Menu) - Alt + MMB show or hide the desktop panels Alt + Shift + MMB toggle the desktop panels on top - Default terminal: support for urxvtd - New full screen preference to start application(s) in full screen by default - Wallpaper menu: support for different thumbnail sizes, fix for space(s) in the file names/paths - Media players: support for alsaplayer in daemon mode - New colorsets for the ACPI aplets - Fix for the tool-tip function, use it to show the volume at volume change, and the current song with mplayer and alsaplayer - Fvwm-Crystal desktop icons: support for arbitrary directories - some new icons - cleanup and graphical fixes for the Lap* recipes - Updated German translation by Thomas Funk - New UTF-8 Frisian and Dutch translations contribued by Alwin - Many fixes and idea from Alwin - Fully rewritten addons/make.pot by Alwin - fix for recipe reloading. Hopefully, it will work in any case (restart, automatic reloading from the preferences or external scripts like fvwm-crystal.generate-menu. - The support for the gnome terminal is broken due to a bug in gnome terminal: the preference will work, it will start with the right click on the desktop, but will fail to launch external programs. They needed 2 years to fix a previous similar bug, and only 2 months to introduce this one... - Desktop icons: Initial support for simple-mtpfs, usefull for devices like some mobile phones. the mounting and unmounting of the devices must be managed separately - Per Recipe Placement Preference - Many fixes - Fix for the desktop Icons when resuming from a NoIcon style - Many fixes for the Preferences Editor Many minor fixes and improvements I don't have the place to put here. See the ChangeLog for details. And enjoy that new and exiting release!
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