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  • Awesome little sync utility easy to use , scheduled syncs, just works. Thumbs up

  • I have tested the program and I'm satisfied. Stefano

  • Hello, I think it is a very simple and useful program. I have to train older people to use computers, and some of them are zero in English :) I propose to complete the translation (in french) of this software. Where do I submit this project ?

  • Wow, that's a very good and functional Sync-Tool. I only miss 2 things: ftpES-support (because of the Login-Security) and the GPL-entry in [Help] -> [about FullSync].

  • |> Helloo i like your program alot. |> |> I miss some functionality like, sync all jobs. Portable windows folder leave's a .config in the windows user folder, would be good if it'll store the conf in the portable folder, then the settings will allways be on the usb, atm i did a workaround by making a job coping the conf to my backup folder, so i would have the list of jobs allways with me on a usb). |> |> |> And even found a bug with win7. I was able to backup all my other Folders like My pictures and My downloads and so but when trying to add My Documents folder to be synced then i get an error and none of the folowing dit not work(first is when i Browse to it): |> C:\Users\ExampleUsername\Documents |> %SystemDrive%\Users\<username>\Documents |> %UserProfile%\Documents |> %HomePath%\Documents |> |> error for the "C:\Users\ExampleUsername\Documents" as folows [start] An exception occured: Could not list the contents of "file:///C:/Users/ExampleUsername/Documents/My Pictures" because it is not a folder. [end] |> |> In "My Documents" folder i only have 1 of each filetype .docx .odt & .doc, nothing else. |> |> (ps would be really nice to be able to use Windows Environment Command shortcuts.) |> |> |> And again, Really good program, the best program i have jet tested (fast, clean, simple, really good options with the protocol and sync type is good to), i certainly recommend this to everybody. |> Thanks to the team and hope you the best with the project!

  • Fullsync is the best! Thanks.

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  • Nice software. But as there is no support and no way to contact the developer it is practically unusable. It's a pity...

  • works perfectly.

  • On Vista and Windows 7, it's working if you fully disable the UAC.

  • Just a great tool.

  • I recommend this program strongly!

  • I like it very much!

  • I wouldn't pack with anything else.

  • Awesome tool. I recommend it to everyone.

  • wonderful idea and excellent work

  • Simply perfect!

  • Good work, thanks!

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • Good developed. Highly recommended.

  • good job

  • very good project

  • Thats what i was looking for.

  • Works well enough for older versions of Windows. I'd hate to see it fall behind. I've set a number of users up with it to cover their local backup needs.

  • Anyone for work on this projet ?

  • Works great on XP!

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