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  • Crashed a lot. I downloaded source, fixed the bug and you can get new version (non offical here):

  • I hate to say it, but I installed this app with the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve only to be met with an "unhandled exception" error that would not even let me get past the language setup wizard. Running fully updated Windows 7 x64 on a clean well-functioning machine. Concept is great. Delivery is nil.

  • installed on win7 and configured with FTP server in 10min, works like a charm, literally acts like dropbox

  • Program will not install on Win 8.1

  • Good product. Thanks

  • Did not work for me. Locally reproduced folders/directory structure of server but did not sync any files, despite tray icon always reporting that all files were synced. Also, toggling the web interface checkbox crashed the program. Tried running in compatibility for Windows XP SP3 and running as administrator to no avail. Tried to submit bug report, but this seems to have been disabled on SourceForge?

  • Absolutely fantastic bit of software, although only in its beta stage.. I found it awesome to work with!

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  • I just ditched DropBox in favor of FTPbox. I have virtually unlimited server space through my small business and have been looking for a user friendly way to sync via FTP (who would want to waste a bunch of cloud space?). In addition, it's a great way to backup all of my class work at the university. This program is an absolute genius idea. Couldn't be happier with the work that has been done here. Thanks John and other contributors. "Keep up the great work!"

  • Many exceptions when testing on FTP over SSH. I cannot understand how it works. There is no manual (?)

  • ftpbox works great

  • Good for FTP, Thanks!

  • Excellent concept. Great to see there is active development on this project.

  • Very good project!

  • The concept is fine, but it doesn't work. Have to wait until it is finalized.

  • good job

  • Great implementation so far! Keep up the great work!

  • Nice Concept. Was looking for this.