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This folder relates to installation on MS Windows operating systems. For end users wanting installation of ready-to-use console app freewrl.exe, InternetExplorer and Firefox/Chrome plugins, and .net gui app freeWRL_Launcher: - SetupFreeWRL_2_x_x.msi - this version 2_x tested on win8.1 desktop and winXP -- if the Chrome/Firefox (NPAPI plugin np_freewrl.dll) crashes, try repeatedly pressing the page reload button on the browser 6 times in rapid succession - this 2.x version does _not_ support opengl less than 2.0, or older gpu/graphics chips with no shader compiler -- to test your computer's opengl capability go to and if you don't see a spinning box then you need version 1.22 -- or if you install 2.x and get a message NO SHADER COMPILER then you need 1.22 For programmers wanting to work with the source code of this version - see /DeveloperSnapshot.
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