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ttfautohint 1.8.1 ----------------- by Werner Lemberg <> This project provides a library that takes a TrueType font as the input, removes its bytecode instructions (if any), and returns a new font where all glyphs are bytecode hinted using the information given by FreeType's auto-hinting module. The idea is to provide the excellent quality of the auto-hinter on platforms that don't use FreeType. The library has a single API function, `TTF_autohint'; see `lib/ttfautohint.h' for a detailed description. Note that the library itself won't get installed currently. A command-line interface to the library is the `ttfautohint' program; after compilation and installation, say ttfautohint --help for usage information, or say man ttfautohint to read its manual page. A GUI to the library is `ttfautohintGUI'; it uses the Qt framework. The compilation of this application can be disabled with the `--without-qt' option of the `configure' script. Version 1.8.1 (2018-Jan-01) --------------------------- * Bug fix: The `configure` script couldn't recognize Qt 5.10.x. Version 1.8 (2017-Dec-31) ------------------------- * A third, 'natural' stem width mode has been added: No adjustments to stem widths, discrete blue zone positioning. This is what FreeType uses for its 'light' (auto-)hinting mode. * A new option `-a` has been implemented to select the stem width mode for the three rendering targets (grayscale, GDI ClearType, DW ClearType). This supersedes option `-g`, which is now deprecated. * Stem widths for the hinting process can now be manually set using the new `width` keyword in a control instructions file. This is especially useful for extra-bold fonts, where the algorithmically derived values are often too large, causing the filling of 'eyes' in 'e' or 'a' glyphs at small sizes. * libttfautohint gets now installed as a DLL or static library (or both, depending on the parameters of the `configure` script), together with its header files. * Two functions have been added to the library: `TTF_autohint_version` and `TTF_autohint_version_string`, which do the obvious. * Two options to `TTF_autohint` have been added: `alloc-func` and `free-func`. These are necessary on some platforms if ttfautohint is compiled as a shared library, and the application uses a different runtime library. This can happen, for example, on the MS Windows platform if your program is written in Python and communicates via the 'ctypes' interface with the ttfautohint DLL. * `TTF_autohint` options `{gray,gdi-cleartype,dw-cleartype}-strong-stem-width` are now superseded by `{gray,gdi-cleartype,dw-cleartype}`-stem-width-mode` to handle the new natural stem width mode also. * Bug fix: Later control instructions now correctly overwrite earlier entries as documented.
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