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ttfautohint 0.6.1 ----------------- by Werner Lemberg <> This project provides a library which takes a TrueType font as the input, remove its bytecode instructions (if any), and return a new font where all glyphs are bytecode hinted using the information given by FreeType's autohinting module. The idea is to provide the excellent quality of the autohinter on platforms which don't use FreeType. The library has a single API function, `TTF_autohint'; see `src/ttfautohint.h' for a detailed description. Note that the library itself won't get installed currently. A simple command-line interface to the library is the demo program `ttfautohint'; after compilation and installation, say ttfautohint --help for usage information, or say man ttfautohint to read its manual page. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New in 0.6.1: * The improved handling of composite glyphs in 0.6 was buggy under certain circumstances, making ttfautohint crash and FontValidator complain. * Dropout handling has been activated. New in 0.6: * Improved handling of composite glyphs. * Implement option `-p' to pre-hint glyphs with original hints before conversion takes place. * Don't add a DSIG table if there is none in the input font. * Human-readable error messages instead of hexadecimal error codes. * Better tests (both at runtime and compile time) to reject too old FreeType versions. New in 0.5: * Rendering on iOS is now expected to give good results. * No bad rendering at very large PPEM values. New in 0.4: * The bytecode has been changed to `create' twilight points. This should avoid rendering artifacts on some platforms. New in 0.3: * Fix font generation; sometimes the `glyf' table was one byte too short, making the font invalid. New in 0.2: * Fix bytecode bugs which prevented correct rendering on some platforms. New in 0.1: * First release. EOF
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