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CHANGES BETWEEN 2.5.0 and No code changes. However, CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE was accidentally enabled. CHANGES BETWEEN 2.4.12 and 2.5 I. IMPORTANT BUG FIXES - The cache manager function `FTC_Manager_Reset' didn't flush the cache. II. IMPORTANT CHANGES - Behdad Esfahbod (on behalf of Google) contributed support for color embedded bitmaps (eg. color emoji). A new load flag, FT_LOAD_COLOR, makes FreeType load color embedded-bitmaps, following this draft specification which defines two new SFNT tables, `CBDT' and `CBLC' (named and modeled after `EBDT' and `EBLC', respectively). The color bitmaps are stored in the new FT_PIXEL_MODE_BGRA format to represent BGRA pre-multiplied sRGB images. If PNG support is available, PNG color images as defined in the same proposed specification are supported also. Note that color bitmaps are converted to grayscale if client didn't ask for color. - As announced in the previous release, the old FreeType CFF engine is now disabled by default. It can be conditionally compiled by defining the configuration macro CFF_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE. - As announced in the previous release, all code related to macro FT_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_INTERNALS has been removed, thus becoming obsolete. III. MISCELLANEOUS - The property API (`FT_Property_Get' and `FT_Property_Set') is now declared as stable. The exception, however, are the experimental auto-hinter properties `glyph-to-script-map' and `fallback-script' which are subject to change in a forthcoming release. - `ftview' has been updated to support color embedded bitmaps; it can be toggled on and off with key `c'. The small cache toggle is now key `K'. - It is now possible to control the version of the TrueType hinting engine using the new `interpreter-version' property of the `truetype' module: Versions 35 and 38 (the default) are supported, which roughly corresponds to disable and enable subpixel hinting support, respectively. In both `ftview' and `ftdiff', switching between the two versions can be done with key `H'. In the `ftbench' demo program, command line option `-H' has been extended to activate the non-default interpreter version. - The `ttdebug' program has been further improved. In particular, it accepts a new command line option `-H' to select the hinting engine. - Another round of TrueType subpixel hinting fixes. - The `apinames' tool can now create an import file for NetWare. - 64bit compilation of the new CFF engine was buggy. - Some fixes to improve robustness in memory-tight situations.
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