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CHANGES BETWEEN 2.4.4 and 2.4.5 I. IMPORTANT BUG FIXES - A rendering regression for second-order Bézier curves has been fixed, introduced in 2.4.3. II. IMPORTANT CHANGES - If autohinting is not explicitly disabled, FreeType now uses the autohinter if a TrueType based font doesn't contain native hints. - The load flag FT_LOAD_IGNORE_GLOBAL_ADVANCE_WIDTH has been made redundant and is simply ignored; this means that FreeType now ignores the global advance width value in TrueType fonts. III. MISCELLANEOUS - `FT_Sfnt_Table_Info' can now return the number of SFNT tables of a font. - Support for PCF files compressed with bzip2 has been contributed by Joel Klinghed. To make this work, the OS must provide a bzip2 library. - Bradley Grainger contributed project and solution files in Visual Studio 2010 format. - Again some fixes to better handle broken fonts. - Some improvements to the B/W rasterizer. - Fixes to the cache module to improve robustness. - Just Fill Bugs contributed (experimental) code to compute blue zones for CJK Ideographs, improving the alignment of horizontal stems at the top or bottom edges. - The `ftgrid' demo program can now display autohinter segments, to be toggled on and off with key `s'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright 2011 by David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg. This file is part of the FreeType project, and may only be used, modified, and distributed under the terms of the FreeType project license, LICENSE.TXT. By continuing to use, modify, or distribute this file you indicate that you have read the license and understand and accept it fully. Local Variables: version-control: never coding: utf-8 End: --- end of NEWS ---
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