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CHANGES BETWEEN 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 I. IMPORTANT BUG FIXES - A stack overflow in CFF Type2 CharStrings interpreter is fixed. - Handling Type 42 font deallocation was broken; additionally, the library is now more robust against malformed Type 42 fonts. II. MISCELLANEOUS - Two new functions, `FT_Reference_Library' (in FT_MODULE_H) and `FT_Reference_Face' (in FT_FREETYPE_H), have been added to simplify life-cycle management. A counter gets initialized to 1 at the time an FT_Library (or FT_Face) structure is created. The two new functions increment the respective counter. `FT_Done_Library' and `FT_Done_Face' then only destroy a library or face if the counter is 1, otherwise they simply decrement the counter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright 2010 by David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg. This file is part of the FreeType project, and may only be used, modified, and distributed under the terms of the FreeType project license, LICENSE.TXT. By continuing to use, modify, or distribute this file you indicate that you have read the license and understand and accept it fully. Local Variables: version-control: never coding: utf-8 End: --- end of CHANGES ---
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