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  • I'm very satisfied with this wonderful piece of FOSS. Its developers continuously keep improving the software and even give support; they are amazing guys… Thank you so much :)

  • some projects can't be done properly without Freeplane. Support is exceptionally good. Application is attractive and easy to use.

  • I am really enjoying using this. MindManager was my mind map software, but I switched to a Mac and that version is so behind, so I needed to find a good, solid alternative, and Freeplane is. I've uploaded the GTD+ add-on and other bits, like icons...all has worked out well. So, thanks for creating this... Currently, two things are not displayed/working as per your guidelines/instruction manual/map, and that's the global Preferences tab on Mac High Sierra, which does not open at there is no way to access these, and the other thing is the 'sort icons by category'...this only works in the dropdown menu but not in the icon toolbar on the left of the page. The icons Preferences tab for this is missing also. But apart from those two things, Freeplane is working great - thanks again.

  • very good :)).

  • It's an amazing piece of software. Tons of features which make it possible to make almost any type of map you want. It last some time to learn the main stuff, but after it becomes easy. It's very powerful. There is an undeniable extension to adding rescaleble images that should be in the default installation. It can be exported to a myriad of formats, there is a powerful search, internal and external links, extensive text control, ease of remodeling, good variety of formats. The developer is absolutely to be congratulated. I, here and there, would have made another usability design option, but that's details.

  • I've been working with MindManager for some months. The latest version is horribly slow. Freeplane is just perfect. Well, the GUI is a bit old-fasioned, but nevertheless the functionnality and the possibilities to customize (for exampel: MindManager in ver. 2018 is not able to enlarge icons, Freeplane is!) is wonderful. And last but not least: support is incredible fast. Today, suggested an additional function (strikethrough), and just implemented. Wow this is great! Thanks a lot for this wonderful piece of software!!! Daniel

  • Very good project!

  • I tried some mind mapping software and Freeplane is without doubts the best one for me. It's so complex, and completely free. Thanks!!!

  • Latest version is even better then previous ones, also has support to use the tool on High Definition screens of modern computers/displays.

  • Excellent mind mapping and knowledge management tool. The user interface looks a bit Byzantine and shows that the application has quite some history. However, in general it is usable. There are a few very powerful concepts in Freeplane which are difficult to find in similar tools: * Extensibility through custom scripts and addons * Calculated attributes (very powerful for rollup calculations based on child nodes) * Calculated styles * Node clones. An alternative approach to nodes with multiple parents. Works like herdlinks on the file system

  • Brilliant piece of software, the envy of all my colleagues. I have mapped every subject in med-school with inititally freemind, and continue to update with freeplane as a professional. These subjects consist of several thousand nodes. It is an essential part of my work-tools, where i use 3rd party software to present the maps on an ipad mini. I use it for preparing research, teaching, and day to day look-ups. I can only recommend using freeplane, and quickly getting to know the keyboard short-cuts.

  • Full of useful features, very customizable.

  • I am a real fan of Freeplan and using it for mindmaps, outlines for writings (and import in libre office), workshops (brainstorm and clustering), workshops (using icons, attributes and filters) even in customer situations. I wish I could do more using fremind - e.g. general graph visualisation and analysis like a lightweight neo4j. But this is really unfair as then it would not be a mindmap anymore. Thank you so much for this really great tool! Best regards, Peter

  • good job

  • Steep learning curve and sparse documentation but a very responsive User community that only wants you to get the most out of this 'best kept secret' application. It is certainly worth the investment to master this software. The payback is enormous.

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  • I've been a fan of mind mapping for over 2 decades. I've used paper, whiteboards, and several software programs. Freeplane is the best I've found so far in terms of price, features, and ease of use. It produces attractive looking mind maps that are easy to format. I'm still discovering some of the neat little additional features such as attributes, notes, note details, tool tips, and time functions. I currently use it for my project overviews and to-do lists. It's worth spending a bit of time looking at the tutorial map. Thanks for a great program!

  • Freeplane is a hidden gem. I use it extensively for all kinds of things.

  • It works. I particularly appreciate that it's cross-platform and exports to DOC format easily. And that pasting from a node into other applications doesn't create line break problems--that happens with Xmind.

  • Really good

  • Freeplane is rock solid for mindmapping and after setting up your custom keyboard shortcuts it is an incredible tool for productivity. The search is really good and linking between freeplane and other applications is supereasy. This is a great tool for anyone needing to document and manage knowledge!

  • full star! It's convenient for office efficiency geeks

  • FreePlane is a great application with very good potential. I have started to use again at work to get my thoughts down. There are a few bugs but happy to work through this and log bug tickets. I also discovered the Windows 10 Mobile App - ftsmind. Seems to open MM files which is great as I use Windows and Android phone. As an old freemind user, I think FreePlane has more potential. As far as all those people who give FreePlane a bad wrap and 1 star. My advice to you is get involved in the project or go spend some money on the non-opensource products that cost a fortune and see if your experience is any better. When you provide negative feedback to people who give up their own time for free, is not very motivating I'm sure. FreePlane is a great application and very cost effective :) I'm proud to be a supporter.

  • Un logiciel indispensable. Bien pensé. Ultra efficace.

  • a) This programm is the fastest I know: I can structure with it, on projected screen, the contents of oral presentations of my students while they speak, to help them visualize the relations of their own ideas. b) it is stable with no equal: I have maps with more than 4000 nodes. Never got stalled, I can't understand how that can happen ;) c) it is highly flexible, you can use different kinds of formats, comments, interconnections, plugins and own keystrokes to customize your own process. I use it since several years for own braining, for understanding readings, for designing working routes, for constructing argumentation paths for articles. And with plugins, even GTDs and so. My learning curve was quite fast, kind of reading instructions... In the forum, I had a problem and the developer reacted in less than 10 minutes with the final solution. simply unsurpassable

  • It definitely worth to try it, I have been using it to summarize lectures in engineering with several math equations, formated or plane text and raster graphics or even svg inside nodes. I am very impressed for its great usability and quality exporting maps to pdf, latex or images formats.

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