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  • Don't be fooled by the version number, FreeOrion is FABULOUS already! This is the successor to Master of Orion II that we all wanted. Game plays great: control without micromanagement, strategy galore, TONS of variety, a deep technology tree, and even a little bit of a sense of humor. Its clear that a lot of care and planning went into making the user interface intuitive and usable, and in keeping the flow of the game moving. Turns go quickly, even when your empire gets huge. You'll get a serious case of NextTurn-itis... :-) Came back to version after initially checking it out 0.4.4 about a year ago. The team has made awesome progress. Congratulations to the developers - I can't wait for the next version! Thank you!

  • A great start for what could become a true classic game. Emphasizes thinking and planning rather than the speed of one's reflexes - a nice change for us older folks. ;)

  • Please, UNf*ck the tech tree, namely the mass driver, laser ,etc. techs. you UPGRADE DMG innovation is NOT working (the test version). please add the planet suitability into the object window.

  • Version 0.4.4. There are a lot of features and possibilities that only tend to become clear while playing a campaign right through to the 'end'. The 'end' is user-defined as victory conditions have not been implemented yet. There are a lot of types of spaceships and plenty of equipment to build numerous vessel just the way you want them. The number of buildings that can potentially be build is pretty big too. Pop-up windows keep... popping up and window settings are not saved. Still, there are many options to customise the user interface, video and audio settings as well as game play parameters. I have rated support in the middle as "Just OK" as I have not yet contacted them. Read the included Wiki for pre-requisites information about buildings and ships, and about planets, stars and blackholes. Check for the focus on the right hand side planet panel when starting new construction.

  • This is one of the best games out there, and it is not even out of alpha. The designers put enough complexity in to make it incredible, but they have kept the learning curve at a point where new players can figure out the game in a day or two. They have more features to add as I am sure they will have for years, but right now it is not only playable, but fun. And so, with time, I cannot wait to see how it improves.

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  • On ne lâche pas de toute la nuit...

  • A good concept well executed. A though-provoking creative game. The only down-side I see is that sometimes program can appear to stall when doing a lot of work, such as at the beginning of a turn or when reordering the build list items, but faster processors and continued work in this area can reduce how noticeable this effect is.

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  • The commercial quality made in freeware. I've been following this project for ten years. It's still under work. It's still improving. but however it's not complete, it's still interesting. In five words, it's just G.R.E.A.T.

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  • An extremely well made game, at the time of this review it is only in version 0.4.2, but I am amazed on the quality of the game at such an early stage. It will be extremely interesting to watch the development of this game in the future; and the Developers seem very dedicated to expanding and improving the quality of the content. Big Thumbs Up!

  • not really usability.

  • I loved MOO2 and it is great to see a free and open source game inspired by it that runs on GNU/Linux. I really enjoy playing it and can't wait for further improvements.

  • Works and fast.

  • Excellent work! FreeOrion works perfectly! Thanks!

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  • freeorion is small and works nicely

  • Is logical-charming game. Constantly I expect fresh updatings.

  • I want to translate your project to turkish. how can I do?

  • Nice game, unfortunately the single player mode is let down by the stupidity of the enemy AI. It could do with a difficulty setting to balance it. It would probably work best with a small galaxy size in multiplayer mode.

  • broken. I LOLd. Critical defect which prevents load/save/options to work on Windows 6.0+ persists for 3(!!) years and no one cares to patch that? Also, new issue reports are being deleted as duplicate of older issue which is still open/unassigned/no resolution. No wonder what this project sucks.

  • We want new linux version of it! Thanks for making such a good game!

  • Great game, it's so good that we play it for hours despite being incomplete.

  • Thanks for the free and open source.

  • Very good game and project, makes fun...

  • very good project

  • still enthralling despite it's beta status. based on the current binary, i am confident that an excellent game will result.

  • Very cool game with incredible graphics

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