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  • Beneficial project, thanks a lot for sharing

  • The 0.7.5 series is still nicer than a iX FN8 rewrite of FreeNAS. I don't like the webgui, i don't like the way iX does handle the community. i now suggest to move to NAS4Free

  • Awesome job, thanks for telling

  • Excellent pour se faiire un serveur NAS à moindre cout et assez facilement somme toute...

  • FreeNAS is without a doubt an excellent storage platform available for free

  • What a great tool!Great software, makes comparing and merging al lot easier!

  • Hi, I’m Davide Mei, an italian student. I found out a strange behaviour regarding FreeNAS votes in "March SourceForge Project Of The Month"!!! Every time some votes are added to wPP project, also freeNAS has same behaviour. and, once per day, freeNAS votes are increasing very quickly. During a checkout made Yesterday evening I saw more than 400 votes in less of 3 minutes… I think this is not the right behaviour to win a poll!!!!!

  • 7.x (legacy freenas) reigns supreme at the moment, though is being forced to rename or cease development. 8 has quite a few bugs and is not mature enough to be considered a stable "release" version, though it is labeled as such. The UI leaves a lot to be desired as well. The folks at IX seem like great people, but they're off the mark thus far with freenas 8.

  • When main properties are clear, this program works very friendly.

  • FreeNas installed on HP ProLiant ML110 (g1) , 3,5GB ram, 4x1TB sata disk, ZFS raidz1, raid card sil3114, work fine, i LOVE freenas 8.0.3!

  • FreeNAS is definitive a robust and reliable storage solution. THanks for all developers in this project.

  • I vote yes as an investment in the future. I am using Oliver's last version on several systems as it is robust and reliable. I will wait for a need to upgrade and an increase in positive comments. I am sure you will get there before too long. Keep up the good work!!

  • FreeNAS until 0.7.1 good job and excellent service for NAS, after this version (like 0.8), lost services, inestable, more hardware requirements...

  • I installed FreeNAS RC4 32 as a test on a 4 gig CF card and it runs like wildfire. Going to make the jump to final release and put in my new 2 TB.

  • I played with an older version of FreeNAS last year on an old box I wasn't using. I got an OS up and running in 30 minutes and was sharing folders. it was so easy and seemed really solid. I'm now looking at a big white brick that used to be My Worldbook Second Edition run the sync for about the 12th time in several week as I try to rebuild it. If (or when) this fails, I have a drive setup with FreeNAS 7.2 embedded to try in the box. It might work, it might not. Worth a try. Wish me luck. I'll let you guys know what happens.

  • I'm completly new to FreeNAS, yesterday I installed FreeNAS 8 RC3, mostly because I wanted to check out the ZFS implementation. By the way, ZFS is also new 2 me :-). It was easy, fast and straight forward to install, just a few problems writing the image file to the USB-stick. And, make sure to check hardware compatiblity before install. Creating storage was a little bit confusing to me. I wanna use ZFS, but could not find any virtual devs and pools. I have only found ZFS volumes and ZFS datasets. I guess the developers are trying to make it easier reducing the steps and the input needed (take it easy dudes, don't try pushing to far). I'm also worried about not knowing how the system will manage new drives - when I need to add GB:s in the future - to the existing virtual dev and pool (or whatever they are called in FreeNAS). I miss some services services that I know was implemented in earlier versions. I need to experiment and read some more about this beta, and maybe also with the stable FreeNAS 7 version, even though it's not uppgradeable to version 8. You are doing a wonderfull job developing this small but powerfull piece of software. Congratulations and keep up the good work guys.

  • FreeNAS rocks. I have used it to manage a home server that I built with parts lying around from older computers. Keep up the great work guys. Considering donating to you cash to you guys in my next round of philanthropic madness ( Controlled madness, i.e. small sums of money, :-) )

  • REALLY LOVE IT, *BUT* very frustrating dealing with kernel panics and vm_alloc errors. Have 4GB Ram, Supermicro X7SPA-H-O Atom D510, 4x 2TB disks (ZFS-z1).

  • We choose FreeNAS because of: AFP Shares Apple Time Machine MS AD Single Sign On NFS Shares Rsync SMB Shares SMB Recycle bin TFTP Shares ZFS Filesystem We would love to see: Tape changer backup

  • Great NAS solution

  • Great job Thanks a lot. I'm waiting for something to use the NAS as a multimedia device, my TV is the NAS display !

  • More awkward to use than previous versions. Where is rsync in Services? There's a bug when viewing all UNIX Shares for non-existant shares in that there is a constant "fuel-gauge" that won't go away. Why can't I easily use my existing disk data structures; I do not have and extra 4+ TB of space or the time to backup, create and restore data to and from new disk structures. Responsiveness is gone from all interface windows. Display System Processes does not return. The default shell has been made as csh - why? - this is deviation from "normal" UNIX standards as was tcsh. Enabling ssh requires a reboot - this is becoming too much like Microsoft rubbish in both appearance and behaviour. Running fdisk from an SSH command line reports the following: "freenas# fdisk fdisk: mounted root fs resource doesn't match expectations (regexec returned 1)" Sorry but I don't like this version at all.

  • FreeNAS 8 does it's job well. I'm currently migrating all OpenFiler appliances to FreeNAS.

  • good job

  • It spits out files via nfs like lightning. I've never had a problem with it. It is stable as a rock, free (under the BSD license), and everyone from a novice to an expert can utilize the program. Thumbs up!

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