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  • Uselessly generic error messages waste too much of user time.

  • First boot of 8.3.1-release-p2 drops you immediately into debugger on Dell R720xd with PERC H710 controller. Forums not helpful.

  • The app is descent but do not expect any support whatsoever from their forums. Asking a question typically results in a smart ass answer filled with egotistical nonsense here are some great examples of that

  • It has not worked for me so good!

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  • I spent a good bit of time on performance tuning but was never able to improve the write performance to the ZFS pool (read performance was fine). When I heard about NAS4Free, I installed it in the place of my existing FreeNAS installation and the performance has been outstanding! When I use the windows explorer to open the shared dataset with over 3000 files and lots of directories, the list view in the explorer is filled in: FreeNAS 8: close to 1 minute. NAS4free x64 less than 1 second. I have thought all the time that FreeNAS was the way to go, it seems no longer the case.

  • Definitely NOT ready for prime time unless you are a linux admin. Product is horribly unreliable.

  • Freenas 7 was great and the move to freenas 8 was not a good thing. Just the memory needs for freenas 8 are obsurd. Please discontinue freenas 8 and bring back something that works.

  • The 0.7.5 series is still nicer than a iX FN8 rewrite of FreeNAS. I don't like the webgui, i don't like the way iX does handle the community. i now suggest to move to NAS4Free

  • Hi, I’m Davide Mei, an italian student. I found out a strange behaviour regarding FreeNAS votes in "March SourceForge Project Of The Month"!!! Every time some votes are added to wPP project, also freeNAS has same behaviour. and, once per day, freeNAS votes are increasing very quickly. During a checkout made Yesterday evening I saw more than 400 votes in less of 3 minutes… I think this is not the right behaviour to win a poll!!!!!

  • 7.x (legacy freenas) reigns supreme at the moment, though is being forced to rename or cease development. 8 has quite a few bugs and is not mature enough to be considered a stable "release" version, though it is labeled as such. The UI leaves a lot to be desired as well. The folks at IX seem like great people, but they're off the mark thus far with freenas 8.

  • FreeNAS until 0.7.1 good job and excellent service for NAS, after this version (like 0.8), lost services, inestable, more hardware requirements...

  • More awkward to use than previous versions. Where is rsync in Services? There's a bug when viewing all UNIX Shares for non-existant shares in that there is a constant "fuel-gauge" that won't go away. Why can't I easily use my existing disk data structures; I do not have and extra 4+ TB of space or the time to backup, create and restore data to and from new disk structures. Responsiveness is gone from all interface windows. Display System Processes does not return. The default shell has been made as csh - why? - this is deviation from "normal" UNIX standards as was tcsh. Enabling ssh requires a reboot - this is becoming too much like Microsoft rubbish in both appearance and behaviour. Running fdisk from an SSH command line reports the following: "freenas# fdisk fdisk: mounted root fs resource doesn't match expectations (regexec returned 1)" Sorry but I don't like this version at all.

  • Love BSD but project has very little support when things go wrong.

  • Too much bugs and resource intensive. Installing plugin is pain and it do not works, updates are problematic. I recommend nas4free instead, all works out of box.