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  • It has not worked for me so good!

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  • I spent a good bit of time on performance tuning but was never able to improve the write performance to the ZFS pool (read performance was fine). When I heard about NAS4Free, I installed it in the place of my existing FreeNAS installation and the performance has been outstanding! When I use the windows explorer to open the shared dataset with over 3000 files and lots of directories, the list view in the explorer is filled in: FreeNAS 8: close to 1 minute. NAS4free x64 less than 1 second. I have thought all the time that FreeNAS was the way to go, it seems no longer the case.

  • FreeNAS is a very helpful tool for my storage needs. Many thanks to the developer.

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  • Works great as my home NAS

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  • Cool project, thanks for showing!

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  • FreeNAS is good for what i need.. thx alot

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  • Nice but not the perfect one

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  • very good project

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  • Great software.

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  • Definitely NOT ready for prime time unless you are a linux admin. Product is horribly unreliable.

  • Best choise for file server in small & middle business's office

  • Very user-friendly and time effective project for everyone!

  • good system! work as it should work

  • Works as supposed to work.

  • excellent platform for such benefits as the price can also add stability of the work, as well as ease of operation

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  • Fantastic, have been using it for years! If it had pre-sets for the encoder settings it would be even more useful.

  • Great tool; it's been very helpful for scripts and such over the years

  • Freenas 7 was great and the move to freenas 8 was not a good thing. Just the memory needs for freenas 8 are obsurd. Please discontinue freenas 8 and bring back something that works.

  • I have always loved FreeNAS. It was one of the first servers I ever set up, back in the day in my parent's basement.

  • Sounds good, but I’m not about to upgrade from Freenas 7 until I know that 8 is really stable… and there’s an easy upgrade path.

  • Great project, have all i need.

  • This remarkable idea is necessary just by the way

  • Very nice.

  • I made a fast test: Once you join it in Active Directory, you can manipulate all existing Users and Groups permissions from an Windows client. Thus you don't have to visit its GUI for every task. For instance: you can grant full permissions for existing Admins Group and read+write for Users Group. It is a great product for IT infrastructures. Suggestion: GlusterFS (or similar) service will be nice to have it on features list. This will allow mirroring and striping very large files, that are modified continuously, on multiple FreeNAS systems , e.g.: virtual disk images. Keep up the good work!

  • Excellent pour se faiire un serveur NAS à moindre cout et assez facilement somme toute...

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