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  • Been using FreeMind for many years. It just works.

  • Very helpfull program, that helps you to design your new projects and organize your ideas in a very clear way. In my opinion its a bit difficult to make format modifications and it needs more bar tools to work easier. But the concept of this program is amazing.

  • Does not work on my Mac, crashes everytime I delete a node and and move back one node. The developers where unable to help

  • The best

  • There's always things one could wish for, but hell, this is a free product and it's brilliant. Works as it should, lots of features and really makes mindmapping super easy.

  • I have been using this tool for years for all sorts of brainy stuff - love it!

  • Thanks! I really like Freemind. I use it all the time. It's easy to use and stable. The features I value the most are: text formatting options, inserting a hyperlink from one map to another, exporting to various formats such as HTML, adding images and pasting tabbed text.

  • I have been using this application for years and have appreciated how responsive it is to work with, especially given all of the features of the full installer in comparison to competing products that not only offer less, but seem to run far slower, especially for complex maps with hundreds to a thousand+ branches. There a few quirks, like the color pallet you use for nodes not being remembered when you open the map again and want to continue coloring nodes, but considering this is free, and everything else it can do, this is such a phenomenal program and I would be lost without it. It has been a game changer for my creativity and productivity.

  • It is great soft ware and we also have great products. FREEMIND is a Korean suitcase brand. It is Korean brand with high quality and competitive price as our own factory in China manage the cost very well with great quality control. Please visit us and have a look at our excellent products. luggage bag / trolley bag / free mind ​ FREEMIND is a Korean suitcase brand. It is Korean brand with high quality and competitive price as our own factory in China manage the cost very well with great quality control. Please visit us and have a look at our excellent products ​ our instagram : our website : our email :

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  • Thank you !

  • FreeMind's user interface is clunky and illogical at times. I find myself searching through the menu and help system just to find basic functionality. Previously I've used Mind Manager and Mind Genius both of which are very easy to learn with a clean and simple interface getting the job done quickly. In my opinion FreeMind is in desperate need of a complete redesign and modernization of the user interface.

  • Great, gives me just what i need.

  • Best free mind mapping software available.

  • "Open your mind... Open your mind..." (c)

  • nice work!

  • nice tools.

  • Great, I use this all the time.

  • Pour changer, je vais la faire en français car tout le monde ne maitrise pas forcément l'anglais. Pour tous ceux qui cherchent à augmenter leur productivité au travail, prendre des notes rapidement et organisées et ainsi éviter de tout coucher sur le papier, ce qui nous oblige de recopier après coup, voire de délaisser ses notes; ou alors afin d'éviter de prendre des notes de façon désordonnée et fastidieuse dans un simple document word... FreeMind est fait pour vous! Il est d'une part TRES facile d'utilisation et de prise en main. Il existe quelques petits tutoriels sur YouTube qui permettent rapidement de comprendre l'utilisation de ce logiciel. Je travaille dans l'informatique, en phase projet, coucher sur le papier toutes mes pensées, les laisser mijoter, revenir dessus, etc. était tout bonnement fastidieux car la plupart du temps, j'écrivais de longues spécifications fonctionnelles, les pages s'allongeaient, je devais constamment relire l'intégralité du document après plusieurs jour pour tout me remettre en tête. ICI, NON! Avec FreeMind, tout est visuel, des documents word de plusieurs dizaines de pages tiennent en une seule page d'un seul coup d'oeil. La possibilité de réduire chaque noeud ou de les étendre en fait également un outils idéal pour concevoir des bases de données, ou simplement de la documentation (d'ailleurs, la documentation de FreeMind utilise FreeMind, évidemment :)). Et pour finir avec une belle cerise griotte confite sur le beau gâteau au chocolat, la possibilité de mettre des liens vers des URLs, des documents, des fichiers locaux (exécutables), etc. en fait un SUPERBE compagnon de travail au quotidien afin de rester organisé et retrouver RAPIDEMENT toutes les informations essentielles dont nous avons besoin! Je recommande chaudement... Il mériterait à être connu dans les écoles et bien sûr en entreprise! Un grand BRAVO au(x) développeur(s)!

  • So Complete and Easy! I've looked at a lot of mind mapping tools, open source and paid aplications. FreeMind is by far the best. It is easy, intuitive and feature rich. My favorite thinking tool by far.

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  • Дерьмо не удобное

  • Unfortunately it doesn't have top-bottom diagrams, and for this only reason I have to use the non open source xmind. Hope to see this option sooner or later... I'm checking for it once in a while.

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  • I very lile it, but the last edition (v1.0.1) can`t keyin the Chinese, but the FreeMind1.0.0_for_10.6.8.dmg can work!

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  • very usefull

  • Beautiful Software ! Thinking and planning has been made so much easier with the help of this software. Great Work !

  • I love this piece of software ! Use it frequently.

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