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  • Useful project! Thanks!

  • I want to use some other fuction.

  • Nice tool

  • It really helps me at my work and at home.

  • I've just tried the OS X version. There are some problems that make it unusable: - no Preferences dialog in the application menu. - I couldn't find a way to save the default script folder configuration (yet) - no Window menu, making it unwieldy to switch between all the Matlab-style windows (main, scripts, graphs). - MIGHT BE MY HARDWARE, but the plots take too much time to zoom in. So regrettably, I'm going to give it a thumbs down and choose something else until these features are fixed. Some good points: - graphic user interface, not Terminal. Very good. - easy to use interface, other than the mentioned problems.

  • Great tool; it's been very helpful for scripts and such over the years

  • Very Useful tool.

  • Software is great!

  • This is a very nice program and it is really fast.

  • Very smooth and non intrusive interface.

  • This is the way software is supposed to be!

  • The best program!

  • Really, the only way to go. This software rocks!

  • Excellent program for matrix related calculations. Lightweight and very nice experience out of the box.

  • I love this program. It's wonderful.

  • great works thanks

  • Very useful program. Thanks

  • Nice software

  • Brilliant! I can strongly recommend it!

  • very good project

  • excellent!

  • i experienced still a lot of bugs but it's the best substitute for MATLAB

  • Very good and program and the best Matlab replacement because of the high compatibility and the out-of-the-box experience.

  • I can only confirm. This program is incredible to use and the best Matlab replacement available. The only complaint I have is that is very hard to build from sources (but there are binary distributions for new users).

  • Have used this program since v2 for applications from mathematics and mechanical engineering to graphics processing. Very powerful, very lightweight and extremely fast. The newest version includes some awesome upgrades to the software. Very helpful community through google groups as well!

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