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  • excellent free game. The mechanics are most of the way there, its just not quite done yet. not buggy either. its not a SMAC ripoff either. all in all, i would recommend it. its free and small, so what could it hurt to try it out?

  • It a great game! Try it for yourself

  • Promising project! However it's still in development, Free Mars is already one of the best games on Source Forge. ... and it's already playable, too! Download it! Try it! Follow it!

  • Wonderful game in the vein of Colonization and Alpha Centauri. I absolutely love the graphical design, which is both simple and attractive. The unusual scenario to build a colony on the red planet is fascinating and I'm looking forward to further development.

  • I'm giving it a five for the future. I like this game, but unfortunately it's on Java, so it's not so fast as Alpha Centauri :) I think you will make some other graphics for some terrain types. Or not. But the units need some polishing definitely. Also i'd like to see the action buttons at least for the engineers a.k.a terraformers. I'll be honest, when i started for the first time, it took me 30 turns to GUESS what is needed for thew production. At first i thought - hydrogen, then - other resources. Imagine HOW was I surprised when I saw that I need only undistributed workers. Damn, you should mention this in the Marsopedia, man. RLY. Though it's obvious but it's not. Also the Pedia needs much work on resoucres vs improvements thingy. The idea of "Goto this tile and build ..." is GREAT, please consider the paired builds, again like in Alpha Centauri - "Build Road+Mine", "Road+Irrigation", etc. And I would appreciate the "Don't show movement animation" option in the preferences. P.S. Some missions would be better dynamic, for ex. I'm plaing always on huge maps. So I'm playing the 120*120 map. I can't imagine how I can explore 15% of the surface during the first 150 turns. But the idea with missions is GREAT. Don't you dare to abandon this project :) Thank for this game.

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  • I enjoy this game but am disappointed that I, as of the last three updates, am unable to build space ships on Mars. Early imposition of Earth tax robs me of the ability to buy large ships which are necessary to complete the missions.

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  • It has tremendous potential, and I will be following its development. The latest update makes it work on my computer again, and now the foreign nations have an ai.

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