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  • Yeah! One of the best

  • My favorite program

  • Best tool in his category, even beter than comercial software

  • it's working 4 us

  • well, I liked it

  • One of my top regularly used apps.

  • Outstanding utility.

  • Nice developed, easy to install. Thanks a lot!

  • The best for Windows! It still needs to have a Mac and Linux version that is actually decent.

  • Great project

  • Excellent program, it has been very useful. thanks! :)

  • cool project. Thanks.

  • Nice software

  • This is a great library! Saved me so much headaches dealing with image files, not to mention saved me a lot of money

  • You guys saved my life! After weeks of trying every image library under the sun, or so it seemed, I found FreeImage to be *very* easy build and relatively easy to use. The developers clearly put a lot of thought into it and provided Visual Studio Solutions for .NET 2003 (thank you, thank you, thank you), 2005, and 2008 - unlike Magick and Qt, both of which require the latest versions of Visual Studio. FreeImage would benefit from a C++ API -- they tend to be more intuitive, but I'm not complaining. I can finally move on in my work. Thanks again!

  • FreeImage is an INCREDIBLE library that puts the loading and saving of many different image file formats into 1 place, and also makes it easy to inspect and manipulate the images once loaded. Top quality! And you can't beat the price! :)

  • very good project

  • It helps a lot with our image manipulation. Thanks guys.

  • Free Image, has everything required for image processing. I would still expect something like Watermarking of Image to be integrated. Best of all = FreeImage

  • FreeImage is the godsend C# developers have been waiting for (well, for those who need to work with large images). It's fast, stable, and well documented. Utilizing FreeImage in place of standard .Net methods for image manipulation has resulted in a significant speed increase with a VERY noticeable decrease in overhead. If you're hating C#'s image routines, this is your last stop, trust me!

  • Simple to use from DELPHI and LAZARUS

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