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  • A simple, but very playable open source remake of the brilliant Sid Meier's Colonization. Many thanks to the developers for continously making it better to play!

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  • Odd, I bought Sid Meyers 5 after learning this, and find I like Freecol a lot better. It's still difficult for me, and yes it takes time. Turning off the feature that animates what other nations are doing each turn speeds things up a bit, but as the game goes on and there are more in each nation to animate it still takes a while. Love the game, would like to see continued development. Disappointed to minor extent that the latest (11.06?) version doesn't continue to allow new members of Congress until candidate run out, would love to see some history changers available (earn irrefutable support from Indian tribes by recapturing their land and returning it to them after foreign countries have reduced it? Perhaps establish permanent diplomatic relations with the other countries, including trade routes? I don't know, but should be possibilities ...)

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  • it's the best strategy game that i have played. i play it since 2014

  • Always loved the classic Sid Meier's Colonization game, and FreeCol takes it to a whole new level, with a great system for modding, you it's easy to expand the game to try different nations and functionality. Endless hours of fun!

  • When new version Freecol?

  • Ok So I Just Downloaded Free Colonization And All I Can Do Is Move My Ship Around, How Do I Unload And Load People Off My Ship? Also How Do I Start A New Colony, There Was No Information With The Game On How To Do Anything.

  • Great Revitalisation of Colonization. keep it up!

  • Amazing

  • looks + feels 20 years old way to frreakin slow to get going and annoying to try and play. dunno why the hell this even has sound its JUST SEAGULLS THE WHOLE FRIGGIN TIME LMAO :D AND YOU CANT EVEN LOWER THAT SOUND IN THE FRIGGIN OPTIONS MENU ROFL :D WTF is with that shit man and how many years has this shit been in development dude the hell is this shit man fuckin crazy might as well just play civ, this is not fun imo at least the controls in civ make sense ya know :D

  • Awesome game! By the way... is there any chance to go on android? Because I really think it will top over most of the strategy games for mobile platforms.

  • Fantastic game--play it for hours on end! Quite addicting!

  • Huge fan of the project, but a lot has to be done to smooth out the oh so rough edges, especially when it comes to Mac.

  • Great game. I can't fix damaged artillery..

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  • Nice Game... I Enjoy it

  • Great game, addictive even. Just wish the map was larger. Also, neither the Spanish nor Russian translations are complete, but it's still a lot of fun in any language

  • It's cool, but not enough. The help items (each third) are not responding to clicks, and the map behaviour in non-fullscreen sometimes is f*dup. And make the trade routes thing more user friendly, 'cause even after reading the manual I can't get it, if I want for ex. only brin ore from one colony to another - I can't

  • OKEY :D hi all contact me for multi player :D i wanna play whit non Al ppl :l

  • Great game... but, extremely slow as in it takes a week to complete one game on the easiest level. The refresh rate along with the player response to the UI is very slow... Nonetheless, quite addictive once you get the hang of it

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  • Just amazing. Powerful, fast, easy to use, and from what I can tell, a surprisingly small footprint

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Wow!!Thank you for this project! Most of all I like Civilization-like games!

  • Hello, The website seems not available, someone know something about that, is it the end of freecol ?

  • Excellent adaption to the original, in my opinion better. Getting a grasp of the game is hard at first, but despite that pulls you back time and time again - mostly so you can get that colonial leader feeling again. Great job, I look forward to further versions.

  • Fantastic game. I keep coming back to this! Take Civilization, give it a real mission, pare down stuff that's not related to the era and add a few special details for the era, and you've got it! No problems on XP nor Win7. A favourite game right alongside the commercial ones on my machine.

  • too bad, this game unable to run under windows 7 x64 + java x64 environment

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