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  • Promising. But at this point on my Mac only promising. As the old adage said: "If it sounds too good to be true, that in fact is probably the case!" Best of Luck.

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  • Really promising piece of software. But be sure to check version ... Right now it is about 0.something. This means there is a long way to go before it is finished. The software might seem unmature because it is not finished, not bacause it is bad or unusable. Just bear this in mind and you wont be disappointed.

  • Very nice! Extremely user friendly CAD with advanced features - love it!

  • Very nice, 10x!

  • Es un buen software 3D CAD pero no incluye una función de manejo de derechos de autor para todo el proyecto ni para la exportación hacia otros formatos. It's a good 3D CAD software but have not a rights management extension for the project or unless for the STEP file export. Please include a function for rights management.

  • Bonjour, Logiciel bien pratique même si je suis loin de connaitre toutes les possibilités. Merci Cordialement

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Unbelievable. Easy to use, latest technology. Real 3D solids, not just drawn as meshes. But supports meshes, too and 2D drafting. Right hand coordinate system. 3D viewer without constraints works as expected. Try that with over-hyped sketchup! Would recommend to anyone.

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  • Pro tool for free, what a magic

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  • Thank you guys very much for such a great work! I couldn't believe simply what I downloaded today! My plan is also to add some modules specialised for CFD.

  • Incredibly frustrating bit of software. Extremely unstable. 100% reproducible crash with the loft tool. Unintuitive interface. Trying to simply rotate a sketched part 90deg along an axis almost never gives expected results. I did it once by accident. Simple functionality is hidden or poorly labelled. Mouse control for zooming and panning is horribly unintuitive and doesn't work anything like any other 3D modelling or CAD package.

  • Honestly - The Workbench interface is not the best choice. Having to understand what each workbench is for should be the last thing a user should have to worry about. CATIA <--- interface is horrid. About 13 yrs behind. I hate working with CATIA. An intuitive straightforward interface would be much better.

  • The standard orentaion is wrong ... the use of ambugious terms like width which should be X instead is y ... and length is used for X it should be y. Sorry to say this is not a professional engineering platform or any other. Please lets have a discussion about this.. the standard view 3/4 is also wrong ... 0,0,0 should be at the lower left hand of the frount face... Its arguable everything is ... however the view should be from the objects point of view not a god/creater view when you work on the left hand side of the object its the left hand side of the object the not god's left hand side... Thus in the program you have the left side of the object the left side of god and the right side of the object being the right side of god. I am classically trained and worked in aerospace eng. ... Computer Vision, AutoCAD, Have done a lot of "CAD" programing... Rhino makes the same mistake.. POVRAY uses the left hand rule with Yup.... at least FreeCAD is correct in using the right hand rule Zup ... because of the mix up with X pointing out of the screen the standard reference lighting is comming from over the left hand shoulder and it should be the right hand shoulder... all of this is easy to fix.... IF fixed I have an open source CAD text book that could be used for FreeCAD training ... I also own the GNUCAD name... and would be willing to work with you... I have access to Volumetric Cad modules that could be intergrated... sorry for bad grammer or misspellings.. don't have the time to clean this up... carl at Common Good Public License dot org..

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  • Fumbled with it at first and not really a programmer, but after toying with FreeCad a few hours I came up with incredibly complex 3d models in minutes. For architecture, machine shop, cabinetry a very good start. Checked functionality on a few versions from 12 to 13.1823 to 13.1828 I found that 13.1823 seemed the most functional with Win 7 and Win 8 platforms. I've used Autocad R12. FreedCad is nowhere near as tedious to get the same result. Keep up the good work!

  • Seit Version_0.12 bin ich begeistert über die Stabilität und auch die Möglichken des Programms. Anwendung findet bei mir unter Win-XP und -Vista, Ubuntu und MAC-OS statt. Mit den Anleitungen aus Youtube und durch "try an error-Methode" kann man die Anwendung recht effektiv lernen. Update auf Vers_0.13 war auf allen Plattformen vollkommen problemlos und bis jetzt absolut stabil und kompatibel zur Vers_12. Ich bin gespannt auf die neuen Möglichkeiten in Vers_0.13 und kann nur FreeCAD nur absolut empfehlen!

  • Very good!

  • works nicely

  • I upgraded to a new laptop but it has 2 gigs of ram instead of 4 on my old laptop and proably wouldnt run freecad with windows 8. The msi installer doen't work with 8 I would like to get into the great program open source is awsome it can grow.

  • I was really excited about this program. It looks to be a great start on full featured CAD. All of my work must be done in Imperial units, however. I have no choice. I can not use metric. Please add imperial units to your program. All the functionality in the world is useless to me because you only work in metric.

  • FreeCAD is surprisingly powerful out of the box. Being built on Python means that it is infinitely extensible with an easy and powerful language. It is probably not a good program to start learning CAD in; familiarity with parametric modeling is necessary to get anything done.

  • After trying version 0.12 binaries and finding a few hiccups, I compiled version 0.13 on Debian from source cloned from github with a little help from the authors ( the sourceforge version was buggy). It runs very well and meshes complicated shapes very effectively. The python interface is very useful and greatly enhances the flexibity of the package. I have been using it in conjunction with meshlab and found it is already a very practical tool, and already certainly the best free solid model cad software I've found till now for Linux.

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  • Crashed constantly when going into quick preview mode. Online workaround to disable quick preview did not work.

  • Thank you guys very much for such a great work! I couldn't believe simply what I downloaded today! My plan is also to add some modules specialised for CFD.

  • brilliant tool !!

  • DEVs are active. Engineering for everyone!

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