Fractron 9000 is a GPU accelerated fractal flame renderer for Windows. Requires a video card that supports OpenGL 2.0 (OpenCL or CUDA recommended). Also Requires Microsoft .NET framework version 2.0.


  • GPU accelerated renderer draws fractals almost instanty
  • Interactive editor updates fractals in real-time
  • Partial compatability with Apophysis and Flam3
  • Supports acceleration through OpenCL, CUDA, and OpenGL 2.0

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  • Parab�ns

  • Very nice concept! ... as an Apophysis user this one is hard to use especially with a lot of variation ! i think the interface could be more user friendly and efficient ... and for now i don't know how to render at a specific resolution ... i usually render flames at 8000x4000 ... to put them on paper !! indeed, very nice work, i'm looking forward for the evolution of this little boy ! it can become a real apophysis competitor.. and the real time preview is a real advantage for creativity !!.. please Mike tace care of this baby it's a real potential jewel :)

  • Excellent Real Time Fractal Generator You Can Create A Vast Assortment Of Fractals In Quickly And Easily I've Been Able To Create A Whole Host Of Images Which I've Put Up On Zazzle And My Xzendor7 Website. Can't Wait To See Just How Far Mike Can Take This Program Of His, Because The Beta Is Just Awesome!!!

  • Just discovered it, and it's really quick & easy to play with. Lots of nice organic shape-sculpting and a relatively intuitive interface. (As intuitive as any list of complex mathematical formulas can be, I suppose! ;-) ) Definitely going to be playing with this one some more... Nice work! :)

  • One of the fastest fractal flame renderers ever drafted. The choice of variations is still limited, but it is sure to grow quickly. The interactive editor for transformations provides immediate visual feedback.

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