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  • Cool

  • Version 1.2 (formerly only this was downloadable here) is outdated and breaks many apps. Since it uses components which don't compile in fp 3.0+ one must use fp 2.6.4 The real version is fpGUI 1.4.1+ from github only (by now it is downable here, too). This sf project should be deleted in favour of the newer github project with the same name. Be aware that fpGUI turns your Lazarus RAD into a SAD. Kiss your form-designer goodbye ! When using uidesigner (fpGUI replacement of the Lazarus form-designer), you have to find and type all uses-clauses manually (on second use of the same widget type it of course won't be necessary). So you may want have a complete "uses A-Z" line ready to save that bother. uidesigner does widget layout etc., i.e. you can resize a TfpgMemo and change it's Text-Property asf.. If you prefer SAD over RAD you may opt on this. The project main idea probably is to have all run-time code in a single binary with no libraries to load at run-time. This sure comes at a price. PS: The version 1.2 problem is mitigated by now. You find ver. 1.4.1+ right here on SF , too, on top of github.

  • I tried to install on Windows machine using Lazarus 1.5, prerelease compiling with FPC 3.1.1 and it wont build

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  • Very cool project

  • All I wanted was to open an old OS/2 INF file on my box (+ maybe Watcom C/C++ BINP help stuff, not tested), but old tools for this purpose need 16bit support. My stupid Windows 7 64bit can't do this, no OS/2 1.x, no NTVDM, no Win 3, and no Posix subset, sadly 16bit is dead from an MS 64bit POV. DosBox or a W2K VM only to view INF, no. I can't judge the project. but DocView worked, its UI is nice, well done.

  • Fully agree with Rodrigo's comment.

  • This project is very interesting in the measure where it removes a layer(not use gtk, gtk2, qt ...) and it becomes lighter application

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  • I must say this pretty neat GUI toolkit that is more lighter than GTK or QT,but totally has enough features and adds so missing themes/skins support that I missed in standard LCL controls. Plus it produces much more smaller executable size than LCL or MSEide ;)

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  • Awesome project! :-)