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  • provides far better tools for creating structured data and applications then other wikis.

  • With unparalleled flexibility and power, the truly industrial-strength wiki! Foswiki doesn't have a rigid pre-defined structure like many CMS's but provides far better tools for creating structured data and applications then other wikis. Makes it relatively easy to build all kinds of applications far quicker than other frameworks. Also provides lots of ways to integrate external data from legacy applications.

  • foswiki, easy to use

  • foswiki works perfectly, thanks

  • Great software, thank you.

  • foswiki works perfectly.

  • super progress!

  • Foswiki is a truly meritocratic project, run by its contributors for the benefit of everyone. It's a great place to learn, and explore cool new ideas with like minded people. The tool is pretty excellent too, an incredible business enabler with welcoming, friendly, free support!

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  • Starting with version 1.0 we switched over from TWiki to Foswiki and this was the right decision. There is a lot of dedication put into this great project of an Enterprise Wiki. It helps us in our company every day to meet the requirements for todays information management. Thanks for this great product!

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  • Foswiki has made an incredible difference for our business. It is truly an enabler of collaboration. And it is a project that shows a fantastic developer enthusiasm. New plug-ins are continuously being added to the project and you are never alone. If you are a developer or an end user. Around the clock there are people willing to help you without asking for money. It is incredible that you can get something that powerful for free. There is Open Office, there is Firefox, there is Linux, and there is Foswiki. All the same league. Professional well working software for free.

  • We are currently employing Foswiki in an non-profit with 250 users and would like to recommend it to anybody who is looking for a reliable and secure enterprise wiki solution with strong and dynamic developer community behind it. The upgrade from the dead twiki project was seamless and painless, many thanks to the team!

  • We are using Foswiki at our company, for our customers and for some personal projects and Foswiki is a really helpful and nice product.

  • Fast moving and responsive project. Successor to TWiki.

  • The attention to security issues, and selection of a platform that has the most active contributors made Foswiki an easy choice when looking at the future of our TWiki installation. Additionally, the long-term viability of Foswiki is reassuring as it seems to have a very level-headed and sensible approach to running and engaging with the open source developers whom without which neither TWiki nor Foswiki could exist.