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Installation notes: ----------------------- Force4 Magix v0.5 Author: Zafar Ahmed Ansari (zafar142007@gmail.com) Minimum system requirements: ---------------------------------------- Windows XP; 512 MB RAM and above. 1.7 GHz processor and above. Windows 7: 1 GB RAM and above. 1.7 GHz processor and above. You must have Java 3D 1.5 and above installed. You must have JRE 1.7 and above installed. These are provided in the software as well. The ports 5555 and 5556 need to be free for usage for the server to run. Running the game: ----------------------- For playing you need to have a server running. You can either start you own server and invite others to connect to it or connect to an existing server on another machine. To start a server on your machine double click on startserver.bat/ click on launcher created by the installer. To start playing double click on startclient.bat or click on the launcher created by the installer. You will first need to create an account to start. After registering on the server you can login and play. Enter "localhost" for connecting to a server running on a machine same as that of the client. In case the server is running on another machine you will need to enter the IP address of that machine. There should be no proxy server in between the server machine and your machine. Acknowledgements ------------------ This game has been made using examples from the book Killer Game Programming in Java by Andrew Davison. Vikas Sachan helped with the design.
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