An OpenGL Billard Game based on foobillard 3.0a with patches, new features (hud, jumpshots, correct detection of lost balls, more sound and graphics etc). Optimized for touch. New designed mouse / touch-control.

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  • 2D and 3D game mode, better movement
  • OpenGL over SDL (8-Ball, 9-Ball, Carambol, Snooker, Tournament for all)
  • Sound, Music, much options, jumpshots, improved controls, advanced hud
  • Easy Localisation possible (only edit one file), statusline in gameplay
  • Basic utf8-handling
  • Improved menues
  • optimized in speed
  • New ttf-fonts with GPL Licence (DejaVu)
  • the source is now 64Bit stable

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User Reviews

  • Amazing! very cool and easy game. I have a lot of fun with Foobillard!

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Wonderful. Share a website with you , ( ) Believe you will love it. We accept any form of payment.

  • Like like like! My favourite billiard!

  • This is really cool. I installed it about two weeks ago and had a lot of fun with it in several games. Very easy to handle. Verry fine functionality. I also use the older version of foobillard on Ubuntu, which also offers the opportunity to play carambolage and snooker. And that is also verry cool. But you can't play against the computer there – only against real persons or yourself. Nevertheless there are some little problems in this software. At first it doesn't work in the fullscreen-mode on my Windows 7 64 bit-system. As I tried it I got a black screen and had to leave the program by using the taskmanager. Since then I have to start it in Admin-mode to get it running. Uninstalling and reinstalling the software didn't help anything. But you can maximize the Interface-window to the screen and it works really fine. Another little problem seams to be in the tuning of the AI-Opponent, which acts sometimes a little too stupid in the lower grades. But nevertheless it is a really fine game that makes a lot of fun. One of the best opensource-games I tried out until now.

  • Since Sharkey's 3D Pool no other billiard game came close to creating the same fun. Foobillard has never become boring to me, because it contains all the elements which let us enjoy a "real" billiard-game. There is even a bug which allows a ball to leave the table... although this is unintended, it reminds me of old days, when I wondered if I would one day blow out a light bulb with one of my more "sophisticated" strikes (hold it! This is *NOT* a feature request). And now Holger has taken it on himself to hoist the game to the next level. Already the graphics work is impressive. With a few unspectacular but useful changes, playability is much improved in foobillard++. This game is quite mature and still I am curious about the results of the ongoing and future development.

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