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FunctionCheck by Y.Perret (V3.2) -------------------------------- Give feedback or bug reports at How to compile & install: ------------------------- 1. ./bootstrap 2. ./configure 3. ./make install How to use the profiler: ------------------------ 1. Compile program to be profiled using gcc/g++ with the following options: -lfc -finstrument-functions -g 2. Run the program to be profiled. 3. Run fcdump on the same current directory with profiled program: fcdump <profiled_program> Installed components: --------------------- 1. - shared library loaded with profiled program to hook function calls 2. fcmanager - program to read data from the shared library buffer and writes to 'functioncheck.fc' 3. fcdump - program to display profiling data from 'functioncheck.fc' log. 4. - documentation info For more information: --------------------- 1. Read documentation at .\doc folder. 2. See diferent sample test programs on .\test folder.
Source: README, updated 2012-06-02