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This stencil set for TAM is a stripped down version of the FMC shapeset. The TAM set uses UML notation and contains Block, Activity, Sequence, State, Class, and Component diagrams. It doesn’t contain Simulation, exporter, or even shape help. It doesn’t use an Add-In or Macros and therefore doesn’t need to be signed with a certificate.


ZIP file release v4.08 (2016-04-21)


  • Fixed influence of themes on shapes

Second ZIP file release v4.04 (2013-04-18)


  • added a common TAM Annotations Shapeset and included it in the workspaces of all templates. This shapeset contains visual elements such as braces, areas, or area borders. As a consequence, these shapes are not present anymore in the diagram-specific stencil sets.

Class Diagram
  • Added horizontal / vertical Specialization, Realization & Dependency shapes (like for Association, Aggregation & Composition).
  • Fixed the cardinality text boxes in the association / aggregation / composition shapes. The text boxes are now protected from deletion.
To delete a cardinality text, do the following: Select the text box (just click on the yellow control handle) Press “F2” to enter text edit mode Press “DEL” to delete the text (not the text box). If you want to enter text later on, repeat steps 1 and 2 – the text box is still there.

Added Use Case Diagram Shapeset.

  • Not all graphical elements supported yet (missing: extension points) or have to be used from a different stencil set (Classes)

Initial ZIP file release (2012-05-29)

Block Diagram

  • Added a bi-directional Request-Response Arrow option for Channels
Activity Diagram
  • Added Interruptible Act. Region, Exception Handler and Exception Arrow
  • Added alternative Swimlane (rectangle instead of borders)
Sequence Diagram
  • Added option “Human” for a lifeline to display a stickman in the agent box

Changes v4.01 (2.4.2012)

  • Fixed Visio 2002 Compatibility: Context Menu Check Boxes work now.
Class Diagram
  • Fixed the Line Ends Visio bug: Sometimes custom Line Ends which are defined in the Stencil are not properly copied to the Document. Fix: Use built-in Line Ends only or draw as additional shape (composition)
  • Changed Universal Connector behavior for Association, Aggregation & Composition to connect in a 90° angle to shapes
Sequence Diagram
  • Added a “Create” arrow
  • Fixed the “Activation” control point behavior
  • Change size of agent using handles instead of Shape Data only. Just click on agent rectangle a second time (select group member).
  • Show stick man inside agent rectangle (context menu: “Human”)
  • Changed Template behavior to “Glue to Geometry”: Now, arrows automatically glue to lifelines. Side effect: When shortening a lifeline, the arrow positions whill change as well. Still working on a better solution for this… In case you want to switch it on or off: In Visio 2010, Choose the “View” Tab, click the more… menu icon in “Visual Aids” (a “Snap & Glue” Dialog appears), and select “Shape geometry” in the “Glue to” area.

Changes v4.0 (13.3.2012)

  • Changed the numbering scheme to avoid confusion with the discontinued SAP-internal 3.0 version
Block Diagram
  • Added a “multiplicity” option to the agent shape. If you like it, I will do this for the human agent, U, L-agent and storages as well…
Activity Diagram
  • Renamed “Activity” to “Action” and “Junction” to “Decision / Merge”
Class Diagram
  • Fixed the “Class with Compartments” shape: Now you can use a fill color properly.

Changes v2.2 (17.11.2011)

New Sequence Diagram shapes
  • Synchronous / Asynchronous Calls are now combined shapes that can easily be placed and resized.
  • Text edit action (“F2”) accesses message text directy. For the return message, select the group member (click text) and then edit text.
  • Using vertical / horizontal guides, you can glue all lifelines to resize them in one go (horizontal), or glue a lifeline to a vertical guide to glue all calls to them.
New Class Diagram shapes
  • The connectors for Association, Aggregation and Composition provide addition text boxes for cardinality.
  • To improve usability, the context menu allows switching line ends (for example from Association to Aggregation), so there is no need to use the line end menu and choosing the right arrow type.
Block Diagram
  • Fixed a bug with the direction of the universal request-response channels.
  • All Templates and Stencils now also work with Visio 2002.
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