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  • Shift click on the block outputs to select the network outputs.

  • I recently have been trying to get Flowdesigner up and running on my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (64-bit) installation. Some notes that may be useful to others: First issue is that we get a "wrong architecture" error, which is resolved by using the ".sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture" command. Also, the 0.9.1-2 release requires a lot of deprecated packages that may interfere with other installed software. However, the "flowdesigner_snapshot-19_02_2008-1_i386.deb" version seems to build properly, after adding the dependencies libqt4-core (version 4.6.2) and libqt4-gui (version 4.6.2). The program now runs from command line, but not quite the way the documentation specifies... No "Navigator" pane. Right click on the node doesn't work, but double click does. Network node does not give specified dialog, but works anyway. When trying out the "Loop" tutorial, I do not have any "Time" nodes available in the index list. No access to Preferences menu item, no "Options" menu... When first loaded, the program complained of "No (valid) preference file found, one will be created in ~/.flowrc", with no documentation found describing what should be (or could be) included in the configuration file. Any ideas on why I am not getting what the tutorials say I should be getting? Charlie Warner PS- and e-mail to returns with a "domain name not found". Also, doesn't seem to be an active forum or mailing list. Am I missing something here?

  • hi... i have posted a problem with flow designer, but there is no reply or no help provided to me... plz help me.. problem is this that when i execute flow designer after building or choosing node then the problem come to me is that "no network output" plz help me.. ... Thanx...